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Schuco - A Legend in Toys

In 1912, the toy company Schreyer und Co. was founded in Nuremberg. By the time the name was finally changed to SCHUCO , the toy manufacturer's range had long ceased to consist solely of tin toys. In 1936, the first miniature cars appeared - the legendary "Wendeauto" and the Mercedes "Silberpfeil". A few years later, zinc die-casting conquered the toy market and so SCHUCO has been using this method to produce the well-known vehicle models since 1957. Today, SCHUCO produces not only the mainly well-known historical collector's items, but also models of current vehicles. From the very beginning, SCHUCO toys have been made by elaborate handicraft. The now precious "toys" are above all an important part of many glass showcases where they are displayed as collector's items.

SCHUCO today

Even today, not much has changed - elaborate handwork is a sign of quality and can definitely be seen in the SCHUCO models. The models are meticulously and painstakingly handcrafted in China, Hungary and, for some years now, again in Germany. To live up to the advertised quality, all SCHUCO products go through several internal and external quality controls before they can be sold. In our assortment you will find mainly collector's items related to Vespa and motor scooters.