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RMS CLASSIC - Spare parts for Vespa at SIP Scootershop

RMS CLASSIC - The Italians from Milan are the experts for accessories and spare parts. Under the label "RMS Classic" they sell original Vespa spare parts and accessories for classic as well as modern Vespas. From the steering column to the light switch, we have well over 300 items from RMS Classic in our range.

  • Many original parts that are rare

  • Good price-performance ratio

  • Large selection

RMS Classic - Everything from one source

The company was already on the market in 1945 under the name "F.lli Mandelli" and specialised in the repair of bicycles and motorbikes. Business was booming and soon the activities were expanded and the company entered the trade with accessories and spare parts. In 1980, the name was changed to "RMS" and ten years later the company was supplying OEM items to bicycle manufacturers. Modern and classic scooters were not discovered as a target group until 2010, when the company moved to new headquarters in Seregno, north of Milan. One year later, "RMS Classic" was launched.

Since 2018, RMS has had a state-of-the-art warehouse with decidedly effective operations: 500 orders can be processed per hour. RMS is one of the largest parts dealers in Italy and has been impressing customers for years with its huge range and consistently good quality.

RMS Classic at SIP Scootershop

It is almost impossible to recommend a single part from RMS or RMS Classic, so we simply list a few items that are particularly popular with our customers:

Conclusion: No matter what you are looking for, need or want - at RMS everyone will find what they are looking for!