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PASCOLI - Spare parts and accessories at SIP Scootershop

PASCOLI - A few kilometres east of Bologna lies the small town of Ravenna on the Italian Adriatic coast. Here, Mauro PASCOLI has been manufacturing high-quality accessories and spare parts for Vespas for many years. All products are built true to the original in their own production. An Italian institution for classic Vespas. Of course, these noble parts must not be missing in our stock.

  • Made in Italy

  • Long tradition

  • Large selection

MAURO PASCOLI - The dealer with his own museum

Mauro Pascoli

The Italian is not only a dealer and manufacturer, but has also been a passionate collector of everything related to the Piaggio world for decades. So it was only natural to set up his own Museum to show the exhibits to the public.cms_ And this opened its doors in Ravenna on 10 May 2008, in the presence of Mauro Pascoli. In the "Collezione Vespa" collection, on two floors and 500 m², there are more than 150 vehicles, 1,500 pictures, around 1,000 plaques, 300 trophies and cups. There are also toy models and a large selection of original accessories from 1946 to the present day. As if that were not enough, visitors can marvel at spare parts catalogues, service manuals and other publications from Piaggio.

The Vespas on display range from the first 98 through the modern PX to the Vespa 946, as well as some Vespas manufactured under licence in France, Germany, Russia or England. Most of the exhibits come from the private collection of Mauro Pascoli, who always dreamed of running a museum next to his shop.

PASCOLI at SIP Scootershop

It's simply fun to browse through the range of products offered by the Italians, who maintain their catalogue with so much passion. Let's take a look at which products are the most popular at SIP Scootershop:

Conclusion: Mauro Pascoli has dedicated his life to Vespas and knows exactly what is good for these scooters.

The video below is in Italian, but the pictures speak for themselves.