OTTOPUNTOUNO - Reference mark for scooters

OTTOPUNTOUNO - The Italian company based in Fiorenzuola d'Arda, in the province of Piacenza, was born in 2014 from a passion for two-stroke engines and specialises in the production of components for scooters and racing motorbikes. OTTOPUNTOUNO is able to incorporate its vast experience in competitions on the tracks into the development of its products. As a result, new and innovative parts for Vespa and Lambretta are always being created - around brakes, racing cylinder axle mounts and much more.

  • Made in Italy

  • Experience from racing

  • High standards and quality

  • Own research and development

OTTOPUNTOUNO: From the race track to production

As a matter of principle, all components and accessories of racing scooters and motorbikes are examined with the utmost meticulousness by the Italians. The aim is to find possible faults or room for improvement in order to design and develop products with high quality standards that are able to outperform parts already on the market. Everything is created during the design-production process, in which the client's needs are analysed in order to implement a customised project. The design process thus becomes the moment when the material itself and the design come together and become a perfect combination. This is also thanks to the use of CNC machining of the materials, which guarantees a high level of precision.

Why is "Made in Italy" so important for OTTOPUNTOUNO? Firstly, because the Italian tradition guarantees a whole range of expertise, developed over a very long period of time, which has been gradually consolidated and improved. In fact, all production includes the knowledge of certain companies and technologies that have long been part of the national heritage. Secondly, because within the Italian territory there are areas that particularly excel in the automotive industry, such as Emilia, where OTTOPUNTOUNO's headquarters are located.


Whether you are looking for a seal, brake caliper, brake cylinder, brake pads or racing exhaust, at SIP Scootershop you will find various offers tailored to your specific needs. We would like to give you a few examples of the high-quality products from OTTOPUNTOUNO, some of which we developed together:

Conclusion: The Italian manufacturer combines tradition and state-of-the-art production for strong products.