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NUOVA MAZZUCCHELLI - Crankshafts in perfection

NUOVA MAZZUCCHELLI - Next to the cylinder, the crankshaft is the heart of every Vespa engine. Almost no other part of the beloved scooter is subjected to so much stress. The Italians at NUOVA MAZZUCCHELLI are aware of this fact and have been supplying crankshafts and connecting rod sets of the highest quality for years. Made by hand in Italy, so that every part meets the company's own standards.

  • Handmade in Italy

  • Long tradition

  • Very good price-performance ratio

  • Racing shafts available for tuning

NUOVA MAZZUCCHELLI - Crankshafts from tradition

Not all Vespisti are aware that crankshafts are wearing parts - at least when riding a two-stroke. After about 20,000 km, a new crankshaft should be installed. And that's where NUOVA MAZZUCCHELLI comes in, because the Italians deliver quality as you would expect from original Piaggio parts. Even those on a tight budget will be able to afford a crankshaft from this manufacturer and will be right on the money. NUOVA MAZZUCCHELLI combines the latest manufacturing techniques with craftsmanship in the production of its mechanical parts. This is the only way to implement the company's philosophy, which is: continuous research and ever better design solutions.

But tuning for beginners can also be achieved with parts from NUOVA MAZZUCCHELLI: Racing shafts are a simple and effective tuning step for any rotary valve engine. A racing shaft allows higher revs. The engine becomes more lively and agile. The high-quality racing shafts from the Italian company NUOVA MAZZUCCHELLI impress with minimal manufacturing tolerances and low bearing play. In contrast to the original crankshaft, a racing shaft has a significantly longer intake time. The degree of filling is thus increased. The crank webs are streamlined and polished. Turbulences and stalls are reduced. A likewise polished blade connecting rod and a lower connecting rod bearing as silver bearing meet the highest demands. All crankshafts are delivered with upper connecting rod bearings.

Of course, a tuning cylinder is ideal in combination with a racing shaft, but a performance increase can also be achieved with a conventional cylinder. The crankshafts and racing shafts from NUOVA MAZZUCCHELLI stand for long service life and durability. Also in the Italian range: long-stroke shafts, solid cheek shafts and bell shafts.


The manufacturer from the small town of Cavaria in the northwest of Milan has specialised in crankshafts of all kinds for many years. This know-how makes the products of NUOVA MAZZUCCHELLI unique and whoever reads the comments of our satisfied customers will notice one thing: You can't really go wrong with a crankshaft from NUOVA MAZZUCCHELLI. That's why we can't recommend a single shaft at all, but only list which parts are particularly popular at SIP Scootershop:

Conclusion: Good quality, unbeatable price - NUOVA MAZZUCCHELLI has been convincing all along the line for years.