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KEIHIN - High End Carburettors for Scooters and Motorcycles

KEIHIN - Tuning fans click their tongues when the name KEIHIN is mentioned in connection with carburettors. Alongside Dellorto and Mikuni, the parts from Japan are among the best on the market. No wonder that Yamaha, for example, has relied on KEIHIN carburettors as original equipment for years.

  • Unsurpassed in quality and performance

  • Perfect tuning possible

  • Low tolerance level

KEIHIN - Top carburettors from Japan

"The KEIHIN PWM series currently offers the best two-stroke carburettors on the market.
"-Jesco Schmidt, scooter racer and product manager at SIP Scootershop

The KEIHIN story begins in 1956 in Kawasaki, Japan, with the Keihin Seiki Manufacturing Company Ltd. A year later, the first prototype carburettor was ready and installed in the Honda "Dream" motorbike and the Fuji "Rabbit" scooter in September of the same year. This was the start of an incredible company history with the rise to a world-renowned company. The expansion is rapid, first new factories and offices are built in Japan, 1981 in Taiwan, 1982 in the USA, 1989 in Thailand and so it goes from continent to continent. In January 2007, KEIHIN opens a branch in Germany.

The company designs and owners change regularly over the years, but this does not detract from the quality of the carburettors. Since January 2021, KEIHIN has belonged to the Hitachi Group, but the carburettors continue to be marketed under the KEIHIN name, as this is the name under which they have made a name for themselves worldwide. KEIHIN products are often copied, but remain unmatched.

KEIHIN at SIP Scootershop

The mechanics, tuners, racers and experts at SIP Scootershop get bright-eyed and go into raptures when they are asked about KEIHIN carburettors. They talk about "state-of-the-art design", "very sophisticated technology" and "absolute reliability". And if the guys are convinced of the carburettors, that's saying something. So - just check out the Carburettors in our online shop and imagine what they would do to your bike.

Conclusion: KEIHIN carburettors are among the best in the world. Full stop.