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J.W. SPEAKER - Illuminating the Future

J.W. SPEAKER - Founded in 1935 by John W. Speaker, J.W. Speaker Corporation focuses on developing innovative, high-performance automotive lighting solutions for OEM and aftermarket customers worldwide. J.W. SPEAKER specialises in LED and other new lighting technologies and designs, manufactures and assembles in Germantown, Wisconsin, USA.

J.W. SPEAKER - History

J.W. Speaker Corporation was founded in 1935 by John W. Speaker to manufacture tube and tyre repair products. During World War II, it supplied the U.S. military with compact folding ovens and developed the patented P-38 can opener and Heatab dry fuel. After the war, the company focused on mirrors and lighting products for trucks and cars. In the 1960s, after the death of John W. Speaker, his son Jack took over and expanded the lighting division to make OEM products for tractors. In the 1980s, under the leadership of the founder's grandsons, Tim & Jamie, J.W. SPEAKER specialised exclusively in automotive lighting. Around 1990, production of headlights for Arctic Cat snowmobiles began and partnerships were formed with well-known customers such as Harley-Davidson. Ten years later, the company developed the first LED light with solid-state optics and expanded internationally. in 2012, the first round 7-inch LED headlight for Jeeps was introduced and the aftermarket product portfolio was expanded. in 2015, the world's first adaptive motorbike headlight was launched. in 2017, SmartHeat® technology was introduced, and in 2019, the Evo J3™ headlamp and Trail 6™ off-road headlamp were introduced.

Now, the redesign of the next generation of lighting technology is on the horizon to illuminate a clear path to the future. Ground was recently broken on a major campus expansion to continue to design, develop and manufacture advanced American-made lighting solutions for the next 85 years.

J.W. SPEAKER - Driven to see more

A lot has changed since J.W. SPEAKER became known as a manufacturer of lighting technology. Today's vehicles are more aerodynamic, lighting is more intense, and the world appears more extensive and compact at the same time. But some aspects remain constant. J.W. SPEAKER's commitment to innovative LED lighting systems continues. Based on scientific principles and revolutionary design, the next groundbreaking development is constantly being sought. New product launches never fail to excite, and customer expectations are always to be exceeded in order to discover new perspectives.

J.W. SPEAKER understands the importance of lighting science and translates this knowledge into concrete LED solutions that optimise the driving experience and increase safety on the road. By managing the entire process in-house - from idea to production - high expectations in terms of performance as well as level of perfection can be met.

J.W. SPEAKER - at SIP Scootershop

We will continuously expand the J.W. SPEAKER range.