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GRABOR - Components and accessories for Vespas

GRABOR - From the wiring harness to the indicator switch. The expert men and women from Monticello d'Alba in the province of Cuneo, Italy, have been reliable suppliers of electrical components and accessories for Vespas for decades. GRABOR has successfully specialised in this market segment.

  • Made in Italy

  • Original equipment manufacturer of Piaggio

  • Knowhow through tradition

GRABOR - A real family business

When Italy became mobile again after the Second World War and cars and scooters rolled through the country, the need for spare parts and components inevitably grew. The Giri family from Turin recognised the signs of the times and founded GRABOR. A few years later, they moved to Monticello d'Alba in Piedmont. The quality of the products also convinced the large manufacturer Piaggio and many parts from GRABOR are part of the original equipment of the cult scooter Vespa. And the purchase of the traditional manufacturer SIEM also fitted perfectly into GRABOR's portfolio in 2008. Since 2009, the business has been run by Alessandro Bonino and thus remains in the hands of the Giri family.

GRABOR at SIP Scootershop

They are often just small parts, but you can't do without them. And if the quality of a combination plug or lamp ring is not right, it can drive you crazy. That's why we and our customers trust GRABOR components, because they pay attention to detail, no matter how small the screw.

Conclusion: GRABOR has the eye and the love for detail and has been convincing with consistent quality for decades.

Wiring Loom
for Vespa P80-150X/PX80-200E/Lusso 1°/P200E