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GO!MATE - Award-winning e-scooters Made in Germany

GO!MATE - This is a team of five individualists who found each other through the product of a modern, very innovative and foldable pedal scooter to deal with the topic of mobility. They have the idea of making last-mile mobility in the big city more practical and comfortable. The vision of GO!MATE is to overcome distances easily, whether in the city, in the countryside or in the wilderness. Sustainable mobility for young and old, and as easy as possible, is the goal.

  • Top quality Made in Germany (Schleswig Holstein)

  • Design with distinction

  • High-quality and lightweight e-scooters with solid components

  • Incomparable Streetsurfer Feeling due to large wheels and multi-glued footboard

GO!MATE - Mobility.Leisure.Fun

Birgit, Thomas, Stephan, Lothar and Jörg - the five founders of Go!Mate - feel obliged to our living space and the environment in which we ourselves live. That's why their own products are "Made in Germany", not because they needed an advertising label, but because they rely on smart ideas, prefer clever solutions, appreciate meticulous manufacturing and want tangible quality in terms of design and production. The e-scooters are Designed in Swiss and reflect the level of perfection of Swiss inventive precision.

GO!MATE focuses on environmental awareness and aims to offer a solution that reduces one's footprint in terms of energy, supports local transport benefits, but also overcomes the inconvenience of the last mile with ease.

They have already won the "Red Dot Award" in 2018 for their very own design.

The most popular GO!MATE products at SIP Scootershop:

Conclusion: Made in Germany with style! Handmade E-Scooter streetsurfer with great attention to detail

Now it's easy: Insurance for your e-scooter

In Germany, you need a so-called foil number plate for your e-scooter in road traffic. It looks like the familiar metal number plate for mopeds, but it is slightly smaller and is attached to the back of the e-scooter. We have a very practical service for you so that you don't have to search the internet or make annoying phone calls: You can order the new foil number plate quickly and conveniently from Gothaer Versicherung via our partner link and it will be delivered directly to your home free of charge:

And then it's just a matter of sticking on the number plate and off you go. It doesn't get any faster than that!