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FAR - everything about mirrors at SIP Scootershop

FAR - The company of the Cesari family is now in its fourth generation. We mainly stock mirrors for all types of Vespa & Lambretta from the Italians in Zola Predosa.

  • Great tradition

  • With E-mark for many models

  • Own production

  • Mirrors for all models

FAR - The story of a family and passion


This extraordinary adventure began in 1922, when Celso Cesari started producing Isotta bicycles in Rigosa di Borgo Panigale and immediately achieved excellent results, which led to the company surviving the difficult war years. Even then, Celso Cesari recognised the importance of innovation and, after the war, expanded the range of bicycles with the Cometa and Farfallino models, which featured the "pipa frastagliata" (serrated tube) still used by bicycle manufacturers today; from the 1940s, he also included some moped models in production.

in 1952, Celso's son Gaetano took over the management of the company: recognising the rapid changes in the market, he took advantage of the economic boom of those years to create FIAR (Fabbrica Italiana Accessori Ricambi), definitively shifting the activity to the world of motorbikes and scooters, producing spare parts for Piaggio and Innocenti scooters. In 1958, with the intention of expanding his business, Gaetano decided to open motorbike dealerships with corresponding service workshops for the sale of the Moto Mondial, Motocicli MM, Moto Bartali, Moto Devil and Moto Brera brands.

These were years of growth and FIAR quickly became one of the largest Italian manufacturers of motorbike accessories and spare parts, conquering the Italian and foreign markets. This growth demanded new premises and so in 1969 FAR s.p.a. was opened in a modern factory in Zola Predosa, in the heart of the so-called Motor Valley, the industrial area where the major Italian motorbike brands Ducati, Moto Morini, Malaguti, Minarelli, Malanca and Cimatti are based, and FAR became one of the most sought-after companies in the sector.

FAR at SIP Scootershop

For older scooters that are not approved according to European Union regulations, a minimum reflective surface size of 60 cm² is required for mirrors. Although these vehicles can have an optional E-test, it is not mandatory. In contrast, modern scooter models are usually approved according to European Union regulations and only require mirrors with an E-mark for mounting. Within the scope of the StVZO, mirrors without an E-mark and with a mirror surface of less than 60 cm² are not approved and may only be fitted for the purposes of racing or exhibitions.

A few examples from the FAR range at SIP Scootershop:

Conclusion: Modern Italian design meets tradition and the passion of a whole family.