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F.A. ITALIA - Spare parts and accessories for scooters

F.A. ITALIA- The company from Italy offers a wide range of spare parts and accessories for classic and modern Vespas: Luggage racks, rims, shock absorbers and hubcaps - to name just a few. The quality and appearance of the products from F.A. ITALIA is impressive and the selection almost limitless.

  • Made in Italy

  • Very extensive programme

  • Good price-performance ratio

F.A. ITALIA - History

Great experience since the 1960s! F.A. Italia" was founded in 1985 from the company "Fumagalli Anna" in the small town of Lurago d'Erba, a few kilometres away from the beautiful Lake Como. F.A. ITALIA stands for high quality and was a supplier for Piaggio for many years. This is how the company made a name for itself in the high-quality aftermarket.

"It is impossible to imagine our product range without F.A. Italia and for decades it has filled the gap for many items that are no longer available from Piaggio.
"-Moritz Kohrs, Head of Purchasing SIP

F.A. ITALIA supplies virtually the complete range of accessories and spare parts for Vespas of all eras. In 1990, it was necessary to move to new factory halls and production now also worked with aluminium die-casting and CNC milling. The Italians were thus able to open up new markets and thanks to the perfect products, F.A. ITALIA now delivers to over 25 countries worldwide. Tradition and attention to detail are the unbeatable arguments for the entire range from F.A. ITALIA.

F.A. ITALIA at SIP Scootershop

We cannot emphasise often enough how diverse the F.A. ITALIA range is. The best thing to do is simply browse through our online shop with a special search for this company and let yourself be impressed by the range of parts. We guarantee that every Vespa rider will discover something they didn't know they needed. Have fun!

The most popular F.A. ITALIA products at SIP Scootershop:

Conclusion: Huge selection, top quality - everything the Vesparisti heart desires.