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D.R.T. - Spare parts and accessories at SIP Scootershop

D.R.T. - The three letters stand for "Denis Racing Team" and it should be clear which way the wind is blowing for this small but fine Italian manufacturer. Denis Innocente designs high-quality spare parts and accessories for Vespa and Lambretta. Today, D.R.T. delivers to over 60 countries worldwide.

  • A family business Made in Italy

  • Rooted in racing

  • Specialist for gearboxes

D.R.T. - From mechanic to designer

Denis Innocente was actually a mechanic who specialised in restoring Lambrettas and Vespas. It all began with a Vespa 50 Special that he received as a gift at the time. The Italian immediately developed a passion for engines and everything to do with them and soon opened a workshop near Treviso.

»D.R.T. was the first company to offer a wide range of gearbox parts for the Vespa on a large scale.«
–Jesco Schmidt, SIP Product Manager

The guys from the local Vespa Club were on his mat a little later, wanting to exchange ideas about touring engines. Denis made a member's Vespa PX fit for travelling: via Barcelona, Lisbon and Paris, the man rode all the way to the North Cape. From there via Krakow and the Russian border back to Treviso. The engine didn't even bat an eyelid and the PX used more tyres than petrol. A triumph for Denis' tuning skills.

His ambition was reawakened and he tackled the weak point of many scooters: the gearbox. Again it was the Vespa Club Treviso that spurred Denis on to a peak performance. For a tough six-hour race, he took care of the fine-tuning of the engine and developed a very special gearbox that could be installed in the engine without changing anything and still optimised the performance. Although a crash prevented him from winning that race, the Vespa's performance did not go unnoticed.

In three years, the five prototypes developed became the company D.R.T., which manufactures gearboxes for all kinds of engines. From planning to construction to quality control, everything remains in the care of D.R.T. and the company has made a name for itself among Vespa and Lambretta fans. Especially the strong connection to racing makes D.R.T. products high-quality and high-performance components.

D.R.T. at SIP Scootershop

We have had a friendly relationship with Denis for years and we take care of distribution in Germany and many other countries. Many ideas have already been launched together. We want the world to share in the genius of this man and we are curious to see what else Denis will come up with ;-)

Many of our racers and touring riders have also trusted the quality of D.R.T. for years - and so do our customers. For example, all components of the Lusso gearbox can be replaced with D.R.T. parts. And if you race your scooter, you can't get around D.R.T. anyway.

The most popular D.R.T. products at SIP Scootershop:

Conclusion: Tuning, Racing, Touring - Denis Innocente has been delivering the highest quality with D.R.T. for years.