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BALLISTOL - Miracle oil and more at SIP Scootershop

BALLISTOL - It works! The traditional family-owned company has been producing in Germany for four generations. What began with the BALLISTOL universal oil for the imperial army has today developed into a globally operating company that sells over 80 articles.

  • Made in Germany

  • Down-to-earth and quality

  • Care, protection and cleaning products

  • Universal oil with unique properties

BALLISTOL - The brand for man. Animal. Technology.

Historical production site

As early as 1874, the lawyer Wilhelm Klever founded the chemical factory F.W. Klever in Cologne. He produced oils and fats on a coal basis and with the acquisition of a mine he was soon able to supply himself with the raw materials.

Around the turn of the century, the imperial army demanded an oil with special properties: it should be suitable for all components and materials of a weapon. The focus was on cleaning, care and maintenance of metal parts, wooden stocks and leather belts. In addition, it was to serve as wound oil for the soldiers in the field in case of various injuries.

Hard to believe, but true - in 1904, Dr. Helmut Klever, son of the company owner, developed exactly this oil. The chemistry lecturer combined all the desired properties in a single product. The miracle product was given the name "Ballistol", composed of the words "ballistics" and the Latin "oleum" - meaning oil. One year later, the German Army could look forward to the first deliveries of BALLISTOL Universalöl. The oil delivered everything it promised and was quickly dubbed the "miracle oil".

Millions of people enjoyed BALLISTOL Universal Oil in the years to come and kept discovering new areas of application. Only the factory in Leverkusen survived the Second World War. Dr. Heinrich Zettler joined the company in 1971 and took over the management. He managed the company until 2006, when he handed over BALLISTOL GmbH to his sons Dr Christian and Andreas Zettler.

BALLISTOL at SIP Scootershop

Of course, at SIP Scootershop we do not sell weapons for which the oil was originally developed, but there are numerous uses for scooters. BALLISTOL products are extremely useful in many areas: rust protection, lubricating oil, care and cleaning, to name but a few.

The universal oil, which is more than a hundred years old, has lost nothing of its outstanding and versatile properties. It continues to inspire scooter riders, hobbyists and mechanics. It softens leather, protects against water and rot and cleans brakes. It can be used in the household and garden as well as for hunting or fishing. Why has it been convincing for a long time? It works!

Among other things, we have these products from BALLISTOL at SIP Scootershop:

Conclusion: The unbelievable success story with the "miracle oil" from BALLISTOL continues unchanged to this day. It works!