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Badass - E-Bike Tuning at SIP Scootershop

Badass - Tuning Made in Germany! For several years now, Badass eBikes GmbH has been an innovation driver when it comes to e-bike tuning. The so-called "badassBox 4" is developed and built in Hösbach in Lower Franconia. The experienced team carries out all work steps themselves and thus guarantees consistently high quality. BADASS is also committed to sustainability: The boxes are made with the 3D printer from a material that is based on castor oil.

  • Experienced team of developers

  • Everything from one source

  • Made in Germany

BADASS - When friends tinker

The black box

The founders and some employees of Badass eBike GmbH have known each other since their school days. In their free time, they were already tinkering with BionX motors and raced at the "Hybrid Days" until 2012. When Bosch finally launched a mid-mounted motor, that was the starting signal for today's company. Yamaha and Panasonic had already produced such motors and bikes many years before, but they were too far ahead of their time: Nobody bought these e-bikes, they gathered dust in the shops.

The first Bosch drives were easy to manipulate: The sensor on the chain stay was simply placed outside and the magnet attached to the crank. But the joy lasted only for a short time, because the next Bosch motor undermined this trick. That was the birth of the badassBox, which succeeded in reducing the amount of signal from the rear wheel. The box spread through advertising on internet forums - the rest is history. Today, the company has two laser-sintering machines that are used to produce the housings. And of course the badassBoxes are no longer only offered for Bosch drives, but also for Yamaha, Shimano, Panasonic or Brose - just to name a few. In the meantime, badass has grown into an electronics company that is active in many business fields.

BADASS at SIP Scootershop

The badassBoxes are now available for most engines on the market and the badassBox 4 is the latest development. It also works with mid-engines of the latest series and thanks to the patented snap lock it can be mounted and dismounted in seconds. And thanks to the special potting compound from the automotive industry, the badassBox 4 is extremely robust.

The most popular badassBoxes at SIP Scootershop: