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ASA SPEED - at SIP Scootershop

ASA SPEED - The German manufacturer from Baden-Württemberg has gained its experience with tuning in the automotive sector. However, for some years now it has also been producing tuning modules for e-bikes and pedelecs.

  • Display of the correct values

  • Made in Germany

  • Good price-performance ratio

Tuning for BOSCH and YAMAHA

Currently, ASA SPEED serves the market for the popular and widespread BOSCH and YAMAHA motors. However, no module has yet been released for Generation 4 BOSCH drives. Installation is relatively easy with the help of a few tools, because ASA SPEED includes detailed instructions with its digital modules. Another interesting feature is that the electronics automatically calibrate themselves to the correct tyre size. In addition, the user of the tuning modules can adjust many settings individually to his wishes by configuring the module via the HMI. With the BOSCH drives, attention must also be paid to the correct firmware, because anything from onwards is not compatible.

ASA SPEED tuning modules at SIP Scootershop

The most convincing feature of the ASA SPEED tuning modules is that the correct values are always shown on the display. Not only for the speed, but also for average values and other displays. No matter whether the e-bikes and S-pedelecs have been throttled to 25 or 45 km/h, with the digital modules from ASA SPEED, these limitations can be switched off. The small modules are invisibly installed directly on the motor and can be switched on and off as required.

The most popular modules at SIP Scootershop:

Conclusion: The digital modules from ASA SPEED convince with their functions and the decent price.