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AF RAYSPEED - Legendary parts from the UK

AF RAYSPEED - The name is derived from Ray Kemp, who runs the shop in East Heslerton, North Yorkshire, together with his son Ben. "AF", on the other hand, stands for the legendary Arthur Francis, who was instrumental in the rise of Lambrettas in England and passed away in January 2021. The development of the TS1 racing cylinder was a milestone for the Lamis in 1990 and AF RAYSPEED 's RB 25 cylinder for 250cc follows in the tradition of this innovation. AF RAYSPEED is known for high quality and exceptional tuning parts.

AF RAYSPEED: Tuning in a class of its own

As recently as 2015, a Lambretta with the TS1 cylinder was the fastest and most powerful scooter in the "European Scooter Challenge". Today, with modern exhaust systems, even 30 hp at the rear wheel is feasible in everyday use. The RB25 allows for an even larger displacement. It is equipped with a large diaphragm and two "Boysenports". The channel layout also offers more surface area than the predecessor model. Further modifications to the crankshaft and clutch are necessary after installation.

With this product alone, AF RAYSPEED is at the forefront of tuning Lambrettas and a stop at Ray Kemp's shop in North Yorkshire is still an outstanding experience for all fans of these scooters.

AF RAYSPEED at SIP Scootershop

In addition to the above-mentioned racing cylinders, the 5-speed gearboxes and clutches are also right at the top of the wish lists of many Lambretta enthusiasts. Add to this the exhaust systems and cylinder heads, and AF RAYSPEED offers a range that will make the hearts of Lambretta riders beat faster. Just take a look at a few parts and let them have their effect on you:

Conclusion: If you want to tune your Lambretta with history and quality, there is no getting around AF RAYSPEED.