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SIP Team-Blog

Soulfood Playlist of SIP Scootershop

Created by Ralf at 15:04 on April 29, 2021

Fancy some chilled out soul sound? We have set the playlist that runs in our flagship store in Landsberg to public and you can listen to the beats that make your feet tap.... Read more

SIP employee "Winston" makes music

Created by Dietrich Limper at 12:04 on April 13, 2021

For a long time it was quiet around our "in-house" rapper: Christian Seidl aka Winston. Almost four years have passed since the last album "waschecht". But since the beginning of March, his new single… Read more

Landsberg people: Alexander Barth and Ralf Jodl in portrait

Created by Ralf at 16:02 on February 15, 2021

English photographer Peter Wilson has been working for many years on a high-profile photographic project featuring portraits of people who live either in or around the small Bavarian town on the Lech.… Read more

Legal VESPA tuning: everything you need to know about the TÜV certificate for SIP parts

Created by Jesco at 15:02 on February 11, 2021

Anyone who has ever wanted to tune their VESPA will have noticed that this is not so easy to do without documents. If these are missing, not only the insurance expires, but even the registration of th… Read more

SIP Scootershop Flagship Store in Landsberg (Germany)

Created by Ralf at 13:02 on February 10, 2021

At the SIP Scootershop Flagship Store in Landsberg am Lech (Germany), you will find a large selection of fashionable functional clothing from Tucano Urbano, Rokker and Rev'it as well as an extraordina… Read more

Vespa Snowboard Winter Alert

Created by Ralf at 16:02 on February 8, 2021

Winter is not exactly the high season for Vespa pilots and scooterists. Actually, it's the time when you wish you had a heated, well-equipped workshop where you can get your favourites in shape for sp… Read more

SIP Scootershop interview with World of Bike Magazine

Created by Stephan at 14:02 on February 1, 2021

"Trade is change - wholesale is change en gros." The mail-order specialist for the spectrum of Vespa, Lambretta and everything else that the colourful world of scooters has to offer, took on its centr… Read more

SIP Scootershop featuring Homeoffice

Created by Ralf at 13:01 on January 28, 2021

Where possible, employees should work from home offices. This reduces mobility and prevents contacts and accidents on the way to work. This should further reduce the number of infections. Read more

Brexit - SIP Scootershop: How do I get my Vespa & Lambretta parts to the UK?

Created by Ralf at 18:01 on January 7, 2021

SIP Scootershop is shipping Vespa & Lambretta parts to the UK as usual, we only had a stop around christmas because all shipping companies stopped transporting goods. Now it´s all up and running agai… Read more

SIP Scootershop CORONA Company Holidays

Created by Ralf at 10:12 on December 9, 2020

The politicians and virologists are therefore calling for company holidays to be organised after Christmas. With only 3 working days (28./29./30. december 2020), all employees will get 11 days off. Th… Read more

Christmas for Vespa Fans

Created by Ralf at 12:12 on December 1, 2020

Even if this year everything is somehow different - Christmas takes place and we have opened our little Christmas market for you. There you will find hundreds of loving gift ideas for Vespa & Lambrett… Read more

Free SIP Landsberg sticker when you visit us by Scooter!

Created by Ralf at 15:11 on November 19, 2020

Ride to the top: you will have to really earn this pass sticker. Just as a classic pass sticker of a mountain pass, you only get it at the highest point. You get our SIP - Landsberg "Pass Sticker" onl… Read more

New apprentices start at SIP Scootershop

Created by Ralf at 13:10 on October 12, 2020

Our 3 new trainees at SIP Scootershop for the year 2020: Mascha Harris and Svenja Draudt (both office management assistants) and Adrian Gröger (warehouse logistics specialist). We wish you a great t… Read more

10 Years at SIP Scootershop

Created by Ralf at 10:10 on October 5, 2020

Today we honoured two employees who have both been working in the company for more than 10 years: Stefanie Barth and Stefan Bressel have been working at the scooter accessories and spare parts special… Read more

VESPA Road Trip Corsica 2020 by SIP Scootershop

Created by Jesco at 11:09 on September 3, 2020

Among the Mediterranean islands Corsica stands out. Most Europeans do not have it on the top of their list of holiday islands, even though they maybe should. Corsica is pretty much a one of kind beaut… Read more

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