Custom SIP GTS "Pordoi"

Created by Sebastian B. at 11:01 on January 29, 2020
The front wheel of the SIP GTS "Pordoi"

Our SIP SERIES PORDOI Custom Vespa is anything but standard. From front to back, newly developed parts and handcrafted products adorn the Modern Vespa. From the handmade carbon wing to the specially created cascade, the dropped handlebars, the entire LED lighting system and the CNC-milled add-on parts such as the swingarm, rims, various covers, brake levers and oil filler screws, nothing here is original any more.

Instead of simply using existing off-the-shelf parts, we decided to design our own parts in the course of the custom build. In order to offer all Modern Vespa enthusiasts the possibility of fitting these elaborately and detailed created parts to their vehicle themselves, we are going into series production and are offering you almost all the parts of our custom GTS for sale under our SERIES PORDOI line almost all parts of our custom GTS for reproduction.

The custom paint job on our Vespa is particularly striking. None other than Fabrizio Caoduro from 70s Helmets did the job and the result was a real custom showbike paint job, as it is also popular in the Harley scene, of course with the reference to 25 years of SIP Scootershop in the form of the starting number 25.

Extensive further information, exploded views and a detailed parts list can be found on the special page for the Vespa GTS "Pordoi".

SIP Custom Vespa GTS "PORDOI"
Sebastian B.
Sebastian B.

Sebastian is product manager at SIP Scootershop and a passionate pilot of a Vespa GTS300 and a Piaggio Ciao moped.