Wintercheck for your Vespa & Scooter

Created by Ralf at 12:12 on December 2, 2021

We’ve put together a few well-proven and simple tips here on how to prepare your Vespa or motor scooter in general for winter. Your little darling will thank you with a joyful start next spring!

If you winter your Vespa properly, you will have hardly any problems at the first start of the season. In principle, of course, the Vespa can be used on dry days in winter without any problems. But the salt on the road in the northern hemisphere finds its way to rubber and metal even on dry days and should be washed off thoroughly after the end of the journey.

In order to better prevent rust from building up on the surfaces during the period of use, it is advisable to wash and clean the scooter thoroughly once. The dirt that remains mainly on the floor panel binds the air humidity longer and thus ensures early corrosion. If you have scratches up to the sheet metal, it is best to dab with varnish afterwards, if necessary a layer of anti-corrosion oil will help.

1. Cleaning / caring for the chrome

Flyspeck and dirt will attack paint and metal. It should be thoroughly removed before putting the scooter away for winter. Polish up chrome parts one more time. We have very well proven care products in our range.

2. Charge the battery

Disconnect the battery and charge it. The easiest way is to use our HELLA Battery Charger – so the battery can stay in the vehicle and will be charged up as required. The charger turns itself on and off automatically!

3. Coolant

Check the level of coolant and top up with antifreeze if necessary. It will be getting frosty from now on – especially outside, but even in the garage.

4. Tyre pressure

So as to prevent flat tyres from standing around, increase the tyre pressure by about 0.3 bar. You can do this precisely using our air pump.

5. Fill the tank

Metal tanks should be filled to the brim with fuel in order to prevent corrosion.

6. Storage

To take the load off the tyres, you should put the vehicle up on its centre stand. Of course, you can also put the scooter up on full supports, such as our parking trolley! The ideal storage place is a dry room (like a garage or basement). At any rate, we recommend you keep the scooter nicely protected with our scooter cover.

7. Winter tyres

If you also want to ride your scooter in winter, you will need the appropriate winter tyres. The range for motor scooters is very extensive.

Attention: Our video is no longer up to date! Since 2017, winter tires are no longer mandatory for scooters. However, the situation is different in the neighboring countries of Switzerland and Austria. There, these tires are still mandatory.

8. Never be freezing

“There is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing.” Ok, got it, but if I’m going to do it, then I’m going to do it in style. Tucano Urbano offers clothes with style and proper function that make riding the scooter a real pleasure even when it’s not high summer:
This wind/weather protection "Termoscud®" is your perfect companion during wet and cold conditions and all seasons. With some quick steps you can attach this cover to your scooter. Both legs and the lower part of your body will be perfectly protected. The lining of this padded, water-proof material is extra-snug!
Hand grip cover set from heavy nylon or from light neoprene. In the milder autumn temperatures, neoprene grip covers should be used. In the winter, we recommend the heavy nylon design with a fur inner lining.
The "Linuscud" by TUCANO URBANO is the ideal wind/weather protection on the short distance. Especially in the city or on short trips, it keeps legs, chest and hips toasty warm and is 100% waterproof. Is hung around similar to an apron and is not firmly connected to the scooter.
The Panta-Fast weather protection apron, produced by TUCANO URBANO, is an ideal solution for keeping yourself warm and dry while making short journeys through windy and rainy conditions on your scooter. Travelling through town or even on short local errands this item keeps your lower torso, hips and legs cosy and 100% dry. The 'Linuscud' is worn around the body of the rider or passenger and is not attached to the scooter.
The ultimate in comfort with heated seats. With the seat heater from TUCANO URBANO you always have a warm seat. The heated pad is simply placed over the seat and secured with Velcro straps.
New in the range is the practical Thermo Skirt for wet and cold protection. Easy to put on and take off, this skirt provides reliable protection against cold and wet. It can be worn over skirts and trousers and through its generous cut one is not narrowed in the freedom of movement.
Adverse wind and weather protection "Termoscud® Passenger" To also keep the passenger as safe and dry as the rider we recommend the inclusion of the 'Termoscud Passenger'. It ia simply attached to the riders 'Termoscud' apron using the velcro pads or can be fixed around the riders waist.

9. Lighting

In the darkest seasons of the year, the lighting on your scooter is more important than ever. Check it and swap out anything you have to. Change your old and weak 6v ignition to a modern, powerful 12V 110W SIP Performance Ignition


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