Vespa Primavera Picknick Edition

Created by Moritz at 10:03 on March 29, 2021

As inspiration for your own scooter, we present the conversion of our Vespa Primavera 125cc to the Picnic Edition. With a few simple steps, many useful accessories on the vehicle can be easily changed and bring fun to everyday Vespa life.

With the SIP height reducer kit, the vehicle is lowered by approx. 2cm. This changes the seat height from 850mm to 830mm. Finally, it is important to be able to control the Vespa safely even when standing, and for this both legs must be firmly on the ground. 

Vespa Primavera
Vespa Primavera Green Relax featuring the SIP Picknick Edition

The SIP foot pegs offer more comfort for the pillion passenger. Especially for a pillion passenger with somewhat short legs, the ride can quickly become uncomfortable. Footrests are firmly and stably screwed into the footwell and offer more comfort and optimum support.

The SIP "Classic" luggage basket is a nice alternative to the normal compact Vespa Top Case and the ideal addition for those who need more storage space. An extra inner pocket is included in the delivery. With just under 18 litres of volume, handy carrying handles and a pull-tight closure, it is the perfect companion for all kinds of shopping.

A practical luggage rack for the step-through creates additional storage space on the Vespa


Vespa Primavera Picknick Edition

Grips and seat are colour-coordinated. The SIP LED turn signals at the front and rear with daytime running light function make you easy to see in traffic. Matching SIP PERFORMANCE LED headlight with chrome lamp ring. Of course, the whole thing can be used legally in road traffic with e-norm.

A bit of chrome should not be missing. The standard boring looking mirrors were replaced by SIP Shorty mirrors. SIP Shorty brake levers, CNC swingarm cover and chrome air intake cover from ZELIONI complete the chrome look.


Vespa Primavera Digitaltacho
SIP digital Speedo / rev counter for Vespa Primavera

A bit of technical gadgetry should not be missing. The digital SIP speedometer / rev counter replaces the standard, very sparsely equipped speedometer with a real multifunctional device. The backlighting can be selected from eight different colours. There is something for every taste.

All accessories installed on this Vespa Primavera are listed in this notepad.



Moritz has been working at SIP Scootershop since 1998, first as a holiday job in the warehouse, then as an apprentice office clerk. Today, Moritz manages the purchasing department and our flagship store in Landsberg. He is an enthusiastic Vespa driver himself and owns a variety of vehicles.