The best of E-Scooter 2021

Created by Stefan at 13:03 on March 30, 2021

How the e-scooter market is changing - What will Ninebot, Trittbrett, IO HAWK and Co. be doing in 2021?

After the approval for road use in Germany in 2019, the e-scooters went through a steep uphill climb. Countless suppliers entered the market and tried to establish themselves. From the discount model for 250 euros to the luxury model for 2,000 euros, everything was available and so the choice was not easy for prospective buyers. What are the important features for me and which supplier offers the qualitative prerequisites for long-lasting riding fun? Some models, such as the Segway Ninebot Max G30 D, were able to assert themselves and mutated into bestsellers that were in high demand and were hardly available any more. In 2021, many manufacturers are coming out with new models, most of which were already delivered in the autumn of the past year. Reason enough for us to take a closer look at some new models and give you an overview. Even at first glance, it is noticeable that the price segment below 1000 euros in particular is getting a boost. Overall, the e-scooters are becoming cheaper this year and the price-performance ratio is improving. This is probably not least due to the increasing experience of the producers, better knowledge of customer needs and scaling effects in production. For all those interested, this could be an interesting year to get your own vehicle!


Category overview

Off-road machine with 70 km range - the new IO HAWK LEGEND

Thick suspension for big jumps - The new IO HAWK LEGEND

IO HAWK presents the "Legend", the first e-scooter in cooperation with Kaabo: With recuperation, up to 70 km range, 500 watts of motor power, a fat 18.2 amp battery and unique suspension. The IO HAWK LEGEND model is available in red and black and with either street or off-road tyres. With the front and rear turn signals from Kellermann (200€ surcharge) and the very bright front light with 60 lux, the IO HAWK Legend brings its rider safely through the traffic at any time of day. The IO HAWK Legend also has an ignition lock with two keys for additional theft protection. Thanks to the full-suspension body, the Legend is not afraid of stunts and jumps. The innovative front and rear suspension ensures an exclusive driving experience - whether off-road or on asphalt - because the IO HAWK Legend not only masters curbs or tree roots with flying colours, but also cobblestones and potholes. Thanks to the special arrangement of the front suspension, the scooter glides over every bump as smooth as butter. The extra-wide tread with additional rear footrest ensures optimal stability and grip when cruising, even at higher speeds.

Our conclusion: The IO HAWK LEGEND is a real powerhouse that cuts a fine figure both off-road and on the road. Also well suited for heavy riders. Too heavy for a city hopper, but top for long distances and off-road. The price of 1399€ without indicator and 1599€ with indicator is no bargain, but it is justified for this high-end part.


Lightweights for the city and commuting

If you travel a lot in the city, often have to walk up and down stairs, or take the e-scooter with you on the bus or train, it is worth looking at the folding options and the weight. Range is not everything. The range kings may manage 60-70 km, but they are also quite heavy due to the large battery. They can easily weigh up to 20 kg, while city hoppers with a range of 25-30 km can sometimes be bought for less than 13 kg. So if you have a regular charging station or don't ride long distances, this category is worth a look. In addition, they are usually much cheaper and can be had for as little as 500 €. Here we present a few highlights:

Trittbrett from MGermany - Poppy appearance at a top price-performance ratio

Trittbrett: Now the German E-Scooter company is getting serious

With the almost identical e-scooters Kalle (black) and Emma (white), the brand from Mülheim an der Ruhr entered the market in 2020 with the aim of beating the established players to the punch. All in all, TRITTBRETT comes across a bit cooler than the rest and with a very good price-performance ratio. After the first version of Kalle and Emma was a little weak in the chest, Trittbrett decided not only to revise the motorisation, but also to bring an extensively improved version with the models Kalle 2.0 and Emma 2.0. The best thing: the price of a tightly calculated 499 euros remains the same despite the almost 20 improvements. Insider tip: Until spring, Trittbrett will include a Trittbrett powerbank in every package.

Here is an overview of the most important innovations in 2021:

  • 22 km/h top speed
  • Tyres: High-quality tyre and tube from CST
  • Improved throttle with full display control
  • Increased engine braking power
  • Large display with additional information
  • Improved braking system from Zoomand
  • ergonomic brake lever
  • Ergonomic hand grips
  • Cable routing moved to the inside

Our conclusion: Trittbrett has established itself very well as a manufacturer in the market and has continued to develop. The price of Kalle and Emma has not been increased despite the many improvements. Both models are still available for 499 €. A city hopper at a top price-performance ratio!


EMMA: Die schöne Weiße
The Kalle 2.0: 22 km/h fast, 25 km range, new display, new controls, new CST tyres

The new Segway Ninebots are coming!

With the new Segway Ninebot E series, the manufacturer wants to build on the success of the G30 in 2021 and is building on a new platform. The e-scooters have been available since autumn 2020 and differ in terms of equipment and range. The SEGWAY E22 reaches 22 km, the E25 then 25km and the E45 (who's surprised?) up to 45 km thanks to a built-in additional battery. There is also a 25km/h version of each model (international version, e.g. for Austria) and a 20 km/h version (Germany, Switzerland). All models offer an ideal way to commute comfortably over long distances. The E25D and the E22D are more suitable as light city runabouts because of their lower weight and better handling. The 45D adds 2kg and the extra battery mount on the handlebars makes it much less comfortable to carry.

Our conclusion: The new Segway Ninebot E-series will probably prevail in 2021. It is far more stylish than the Max G30 because it is completely wireless, and it is also a lot lighter. The E22D weighs 13.5 kg and is available for 449 €, making it a really affordable lightweight. For more range, as with the E45D, you have to dig deeper into your pocket, and at 728 €, the question is whether you shouldn't switch to the Max G30D, which offers 20 km more range for a few extra euros.


E22 - slim and light for under 500 euros
E25 with front fork suspension
E45 with additional battery and 45 km range

Conclusion: The new year is off to an exciting start. Children's shoes have been discarded and the well-known manufacturers are manifesting their position in the market. Lower prices and higher quality lead to better value for money. Prospective buyers will get more for their money this year. While in 2020 many products were around and above 1000€, we see a lot of new products in the segment between 450€ and 800€.


Stefan is responsible for the new E-Mobility Business Unit at SIP Scootershop. As an enthusiastic mountain biker, he knows all about mobility and is fascinated by the new market of e-scooters: rarely do simple transport and a lot of fun come together so easily.