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E-Bike Tuning Blog

New e-bike Tuning Modules VOLSPEED V4 for BOSCH

Created by SIP at 15:10 on October 15, 2021

VOLspeed is always far ahead when it comes to tuning modules for BOSCH drives. The new V4 modules herald the next step in tuning for e-bikes. Read more

New e-bike Tuning Modules for Haibikes with FYLON motor

Created by SIP at 15:10 on October 13, 2021

The wait is over! Finally there are tuning modules for the Haibikes with FLYON drives. Hardly any other product has been requested more often in the e-bike sector in recent months. Now there are two v… Read more

My E-bike needs tuning, how do I do this?

Created by SIP at 15:04 on April 15, 2021

What looks complicated at first glance is actually quite simple. With a little skill, even beginners can assemble an e-bike tuning module in under an hour. Read more

E-Bike Tuning Tutorial - how can I tune an electric bicycle?

Created by SIP at 12:03 on March 25, 2021

In this episode of our e-bike tuning series Stefan demonstrates the complete A-Z of e-bike tuning. We explain how to determine the type of E-motor fitted and how to go about obtaining a complementary … Read more

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