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Vespa The Resistance 2019 in Zuera - Falc Team Sponsoring

Created by Stephan at 10:06 on June 6, 2019

Participating to the competition recognized by all as the landmark in the panorama of iron scooter races is the dream for many passionates and at the same time it’s a big challenge for every team that wants to take part to it.

The Falc team acted with great respect to this race preparing on time choosing accurately the parts to use, starting from the SIP rims that confirmed their good quality and functionality. The tires from PMT have been mounted in great advance and during all the storage time, thanks to the accurate manufacture of the rims, didn’t loose pressure.


At the same time the SIP cables allowed shifting gears quickly and precisely without showing signs of abating, even in the hard race conditions required by this proof.

Friday before the race a violent storm flooded the track since the first morning making the circuit impracticable. Close to midday a strong wind arrived drying the track allowing all the participants to test at length.

Since the first paths on the circuit the team showed an excellent potential which has been confirmed also during the night test. In this phase we appreciated the output of the new SIP ignition system that has been efficient and powerful for all the race.

On Saturday, after a short free practice, there has been chrono practice that granted to the Falc team the 6th position on the starting grid.

A slide during the 19th lap after the start asked us a quick repair thank to the efficient job in the box that allowed us to work constantly lap by lap until we gained the first position after 9 hours of race keeping the followers at more than 1 lap of distance.

During the night a mechanical trouble imposed the change of the engine taking in the 50 laps of penalty and the time for the work.

Without giving up we re-entered the race in 37th position after midnight imposing ouservelves a fast and constant pace that give immediate result while the light beam illuminate the dark track thanks to the SIP ignition system.

At sunrise our progression continues allowing Luca Zani to cover the track in 1.15.167 and giving us the 10th position on the final lap with 929 laps at the average speed of 81,42 km/h, the second best average speed of all the teams that concluded the race.

We thank all our supporters in this adventure with a rendez vous in 2020 for another exciting challenge.

The report was kindly provided by Stefano Bono.

Thank you very much, Stefano! :)


Stephan ist Vertriebsleiter bei SIP, Ansprechpartner für den MALOSSI Import in Deutschland und seit 2001 im Unternehmen. Seine Passion sind Vespa Smallframe Modelle - seit kurzem sieht man ihn aber auch auf einer Vespa GTS 300 durchs Allgäu cruisen.