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Built not Bought Spreewaldring 2021 by SIP Scootershop

Created by SIP at 16:06 on June 21, 2021

Anyone can buy a motorbike or an old Vespa. OK, not every motorbike is affordable for every wallet, but there is enough choice on the market to make all interested parties happy on two wheels. Read more

Milan, Landsberg, Tokyo by Vespa

Created by SIP at 14:06 on June 15, 2021

Italian Fabio Cofferati started a long journey in Milan on June 12th: He wants to go to the Summer Olympics in Tokyo, Japan. With a Vespa. On the second day of his tour, he visited us at SIP Scootersh… Read more

Buying advice: Which helmet for my Vespa?

Created by SIP at 12:06 on June 2, 2021

Without a helmet, riding a scooter or scooter becomes an incalculable risk. There is no crumple zone and serious injuries to the head must be avoided at all costs. A helmet is the only alternative. Fu… Read more

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Soulfood Playlist of SIP Scootershop

Created by SIP at 15:04 on April 29, 2021

Fancy some chilled out soul sound? We have set the playlist that runs in our flagship store in Landsberg to public and you can listen to the beats that make your feet tap.... Read more

SIP employee "Winston" makes music

Created by SIP at 12:04 on April 13, 2021

For a long time it was quiet around our "in-house" rapper: Christian Seidl aka Winston. Almost four years have passed since the last album "waschecht". But since the beginning of March, his new single… Read more

Landsberg people: Alexander Barth and Ralf Jodl in portrait

Created by SIP at 16:02 on February 15, 2021

English photographer Peter Wilson has been working for many years on a high-profile photographic project featuring portraits of people who live either in or around the small Bavarian town on the Lech.… Read more

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SIP Newsflash 2021 for MODERN VESPA

Created by SIP at 16:04 on April 8, 2021

With our new SIP Newsflash for MODERN VESPA 2021 we present you the latest products for all Modern Vespas in a compact overview. Read more

Vespa Primavera Picknick Edition

Created by SIP at 10:03 on March 29, 2021

As inspiration for your own scooter, we present the conversion of our Vespa Primavera 125cc to the Picnic Edition. With a few simple steps, many useful accessories on the vehicle can be easily changed… Read more

Vespa turns 75 - 1946 to 2021

Created by SIP at 10:03 on March 15, 2021

75 years ago, on 23 April 1946, the Vespa was registered for patent. A true success story began, a design icon was born. And one of the first globalisation products of the modern age. The Vespa has ch… Read more

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Vespa Suspension - how to set up

Created by SIP at 16:03 on March 8, 2021

The vast majority of mechanics and tuners are aware of the importance of the suspension for the safety and enjoyment of riding scooters. An ideal suspension shortens the braking distance, increases th… Read more

Wintercheck for your Vespa & Scooter

Created by SIP at 12:10 on October 19, 2020

We’ve put together a few well-proven and simple tips here on how to prepare your Vespa or motor scooter in general for winter. Your little darling will thank you with a joyful start next spring! Read more