We build a Vespa Cross scooter

Created by Dietrich Limper at 10:01 on January 9, 2023

How the track for the "Matscho Karatscho #1" was planned and built by our experts Nico and Jesco, we have told you in detail in this blog along with the video. At this point, we would like to report on how the SIP scooter was created, which celebrated its premiere on the track on 07 October 2022. And we are not promising too much when we announce a real drama around Jesco and above all Nico. The whole headquarters almost burnt down ...

The custom Vespa "Project ESC" is being refurbished

Most of you will know the Vespa that we put on wheels in 2018 together with our Russian buddies from Butcher Garage in St. Petersburg. Since then, it has embellished the showroom of the flagship store in Landsberg or could be admired at various custom shows. But finally it was woken up from its beauty sleep, because it was to be used for the test run on the cross track.

Nico and Jesco quickly realised that the Vespa needed a lot of work: front tyres, gears, brakes and the petrol system needed some love. In their usual moody manner, the two got down to business, not always agreeing, and Jesco had his eureka moment: "Dude, I've totally got the solution!" In the meantime, Nico preferred to show us his socks and, for some unexplained reason, started to work on a rubber tyre with an angle grinder. Of course, he couldn't have known that this would produce smoke, but he also had a eureka moment when the fire alarm went off. You can see for yourself what happened afterwards in the video. A lot of fun is guaranteed.

Video: Scooter conversion part 2

Dietrich Limper
Dietrich Limper

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