Vespa Touring Tuning: 27 HP Update Vespa Rally 200

Created by Dietrich Limper at 12:05 on May 15, 2023

Almost exactly a year ago, André took Alex's Vespa 180 SS and brought it up to date. At the time, we published a very detailed video series on the subject. We are pleased to report that the scooter is still running perfectly today. All the more reason to give Ralf's Rally a makeover, and who better than André? No one. And he is in a very good mood and works his magic. In the truest sense of the word ..

Almost 260 cc displacement

The 244cc QUATTRINI cylinder remains, but is upgraded with a new SIP PERFORMANCE long-stroke shaft, bringing the Rally close to 260cc. Besides many small parts, the new SIP Supersport clutch, a SIP Road XL Viper box, a QUATTRINI piston and a larger PINASCO 28.28 SI carburettor are used. The conversion is done so quickly that André can soon push the scooter to the test stand. The moment of truth: 27.2 hp.

You can take a look at the entire parts list at your leisure, as well as the entertaining video on the conversion of the Vespa Rally 200. The next tours will show whether André's magic and the parts will work together and provide a very special riding experience.

Vespa engine update
Careful assembly of the tuning cylinder

What tipped the scales in favour of the update?

Ralf test drove Alex's 180 Supersport on the last SIP tour in the Dolomites (or was it after the Christmas party? or after a Spritz on the Aperitivo?) and experienced the difference between the two engines in many details:

  • The DRT auxiliary shaft makes fourth gear really short. Combined with the long first and second gears, the whole gear ratio moves closer together. This creates a sports transmission that is much more fun to drive, especially on mountain roads. Second, third, fourth gear - after each shift, the engine immediately lands back in the powerful rev range and there is literally no end to the orgy of acceleration.

  • The crankshaft with 62 millimetres of stroke makes optimum use of the conditions of the unchanged Quattrini cylinder. Extra stroke and connecting rod length can be fully compensated at the cylinder base (2.0 mm base gasket), the optimum squish gap of 1.35 mm is maintained and the timing is also good for over 30 rotary valve horsepower, provided a resonance exhaust is still used.

  • A whopping 30 Nm of torque is developed by the Viperbox even at low revs, so the engine pushes out of the rev basement like a locomotive.

  • Sitting upright up to top speed. The large SI 28 carburettor ensures that the engine does not run out of breath even at high revs. The long 24/62 primary ratio is good for over 140 km/h and the SIP Supersport clutch transmits the power with far less wear than is currently known from most Cosa clutches with standard linings.

Dietrich Limper
Dietrich Limper

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