Vespa Rally 200 Street Custom by SIP Scootershop

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Everyone has their favorite Vespa or simply a gap in their motor pool that needs to be filled. SIP Scootershop CEO Alex was looking for a Vespa Rally 200 for years. The sports scooter from the 70s was simply a must. Looking around (as of September 2021) for a Rally 200 on the Internet, it is hard to find a Rally under 8,000 euros.

A tragic story brought a Rally 200 to Landsberg am Lech and to Alex a few years ago. We do not want to go into the details at this point.

Vespa Rally 200 in Giallo Texas - From Lone Star State Colour to Lone Star Vespa


The first year on the road she rode with silver paint and black powder-coated attachments. Due to the original engine, the sound was also vintage, which was nice and unusual at first. Performance was limited and the riding experience could be described as "comfortable". But Alex also had a tuned scooter in the garage, which meant that the Rally 200 was used less and less. Being on the road in style is all well and good, but slowness is no condition in the long run.

Tuning for the engine was needed. The goal was to build a durable, powerful touring scooter that Alex could ride quietly and unobtrusively. But strong on the uphill and fast on the highway. At that time, an aluminum cylinder from POLINI was just released and why not try something other than MALOSSI? No sooner said than done. The first build with the POLINI 210 cylinder, a long stroke crankshaft, SIP Road racing exhaust 2.0, SIP clutch, the original SI 24 DELL'ORTO carburetor and the variable ignition from VESPATRONIC. Only the original gearbox remained on the Rally 200. That was already a promising start.

No SIP Vespa without tuning - This time road tuned with POLINI and SIP Road 3.0


Now the optics should also get an update and Alex decided on a color that perfectly matched the year of construction. Giallo Texas with the Max Meyer code: 1.298.2935. But please, in matte, as with nitro paint, because who wants to ride a Rally 200 that looks like it jumped out of a candy box? But before the paint job can begin, the frame has to be precisely aligned on the straightening bench, because it had a severe impact from the previous owner.

Finally, though, the Giallo Texas 935 is ready for action, as expert Sebastian Kirchner explains: "First of all, we prime with a two-component epoxy primer. Then we go to the painter. He does it all with two-component lacquer, and the 'nitro finish' is done with slightly matt high-solids clear lacquer. This gives the Rally 200 the best UV protection and nothing can 'chalk out' so that polishing would still be necessary.

Wow. The color gave exactly the desired effect and matched the Rally 200 perfectly.

Suspension and brakes come in silver matte. Wheels are tubeless and the chassis is discreetly lowered.


At first, to keep the looks as original as possible, the original fork should be used. Therefore, the dilapidated parts were remade, such as the spring mounts. But after some back and forth and fruitless work, the chassis was also redesigned from scratch.

Since disc brakes are simply more reliable, a SIP conversion steering column was installed. Namely, the version shortened to 185 mm with original ground clearance. For the front shocks, Alex opted for the SIP Performance shock absorbers 2.0. It was important that the fender was not modified, but provided with a recess. For this, the fender mount and position of the shock absorber had to be changed. The fender was placed as centered as possible to give the shock absorber and spring enough room to not drag on the fender. Once the length is set correctly, the Rally has an exactly horizontal profile, which just looks mega.

SIP Performance 2.0 shocks were also used in the rear, and their absorbing abilities are simply outstanding. The spring is so perfectly tuned that the Rally is quiet on the road even at high speeds - just as it should be. For the color, Alex opted for silver matte, because it looks at the same time noble and sporty as well as discreet and not disturbing.

For the disc brake, Alex chose a model from GRIMECA. However, he did not want the GRIMECA-typical spider web on the drum, but a smooth surface, because the looks should be original. If you just turn the drum with a lathe, you're left with sharp edges, angular fins, and missing paint. So Alex had the brake drum reworked by GRIMECA according to his wishes. The result was convincing.

The SIP brake caliper was made analogous to the shock absorbers also in silver matte and equipped with MALOSSI brake pads. The CRIMAZ master cylinder fitted harmoniously to the handlebars without the need for modification. And the ABM subtank, CNC machined in aluminum, is a feast for the eyes.

The brake line is from SPIEGLER and is made of "Stahlflex". At the rear, the Rally 200 brakes on SIP Performance pads, the clutch lever comes from SIP Style. For the rims, Alex chose SIP tubeless rims with SIP Classic tires, which are approved for up to 150 km/h. The stainless steel cables are also from SIP and the frame was finally protected from corrosion with a cavity sealant from FLUIDFILM. Of course, all parts were installed by SIP in silver matt.

Visually, everything was as Alex had imagined and the lady now also had an engine and a chassis that would significantly improve the riding fun. But there was still something missing ...

SIP LED headlamp - elegant, sexy and bright!


Let there be light and there was light.

The new headlight was framed by the CNC milled lamp ring with SIP LED. The turn signals came from MOTOGADGET. To integrate both perfectly into the vehicle, a special SIP wiring harness was developed and installed. At the same time, it was converted to 12 volt DC and a battery was installed. The control unit of the SIP speedometer and all necessary electronic components were integrated almost invisible next to the battery under the spare wheel.

Alex also decided to add a SIP tachometer and in general it should be noted that the assembly was supposed to look perfect. So original slotted screws were used wherever necessary.

Actually the VESPA was ready.


In 2020, another small update for the engine was on the agenda. Alex exchanged the VESPATRONIC ignition for the SIP PERFORMANCE ignition. The exhaust was replaced, too, by the SIP Road 3.0. But then the Rally 200 was ready to go and has since more than proven its worth on many rides and tours. The Rally has real power from the bottom up and is not designed for peak performance. Between the construction of the engine and the first time on the road lay 7 years, 2 children and a move of the SIP headquarters. A lot has happened in terms of parts. The next time the engine is opened, for sure one of the smooth-running SIP long-stroke crankshafts will go in. Let's see, maybe a QUATTRINI too. Ride On!

Special Thanks to the SIP Team & Friends, especially to: Joscha, Robert, Sebastian, Jürgen, Ludwig and Christoph







Crankcase PX Lusso





Racing Cylinder POLINI210



Cylinder Head

Cylinder Head MMW PX200 Touring for POLINI 210 cc


Crimp edge 1,2

Sparg Plug

Spark Plug NGK BR9ES








Flowed Racing Crankshaft SERIE PRO by W5


57 mm






Air Intake System

Air Intake System PINASCO "VRX-R 24"




Racing Exhaust SIP ROAD 3.0




Clutch SIP COSA 2 Ultrastrong


Z 23


Clutch Friction Plates

Clutch Friction Plates SIP "COSA 2" Race


4 It.

Primary Driven Gear

Primary Driven Gear



Z 65


Input Shaft Assembly

Input Shaft Assembly PIAGGIO


Z 12-13-17-21


Driveshaft Piaggio



1. Gear

Gear Cog Z 57 DRT




2. Gear

Gear Cog Z 41 DRT




3. Gear

Gear Cog Z 36 DRT




4. Gear

Gear Cog Z 33 DRT





Tyre SIP Classic



3.50-10" 59P TL/​TT


Image Gallery of the Vespa Rally

Vespa Rally 200 Street Custom by SIP Scootershop

Merch: Poster and Postcard of the Vespa Rally

Do you like Alex's Vespa? We have produced a beautiful Din A1 poster of the Vespa Rally on high-quality paper. And a Din A6 postcard, for the fridge, the workshop or the living room - whatever you like.

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