Vespa & Lambretta Quartermile TACHO KARACHO II SIP Scootershop 2019

Created by Jesco at 14:08 on August 1, 2019

Rarely does a second part reach the same level as the first - at least when it comes to American films, the classics of world literature or attempts at reconciliation with one’s first great love. Luckily, in the world of sports, however, things are different, and the latest edition of the DBM race outside the entrance to the SIP building in the centre of Landsberg was anything but boring. There were top drivers from Italy, extremely close races, new best times, a small scandal, an exceptionally emotional press conference and, unfortunately, an accident as well. And all in great weather in front of a very well-attended stand. The day was hosted professionally and entertainingly by the DAZN host, Harald Birk, and the DBM co-organiser, Andre Scholz. 

As the Tacho Karacho II wasn’t just a race and SIP had undertaken to celebrate its 25th anniversary together with drivers and spectators, the call from Bavaria wasn’t just responded to by the German racing elite, but some drivers from Italy and Austria as well. All in all, over 40 drivers reported to participate in the different classes. As usual, the contingent from Italy proved to be strong and included top drivers such as Simone Bertani from BFA and Ivan Maghini from Tiniracing. It was Claudio Maffi from Team Cinquini who claimed victory in the “Best of All” category, however. The top German drivers from recent years all found themselves grappling with problems or were eliminated due to technical difficulties. Frank Schiemer made it through to the final to do battle with the quick Italian drivers, but narrowly failed to cut the mustard there. Maffi put down a new record for the event, requiring just 6.52 seconds for the 150m sprint, including the reaction time. Some six drivers in the field achieved a maximum speed of approximately 137 km/h over the short distance from a standing start.

Regrettably, there were two unfortunate incidents. Julian Junginger lost control of his scooter just after the start and crashed, and had to be treated in hospital. Luckily, he was back on the racing circuit by the end of the day though. The day also saw something of an unusual incident that has never been seen before in this racing series. A resident in the industrial area felt upset by the race while drinking coffee and ended up spraying water over the braking zone on the racing circuit. The surprised drivers were luckily able to respond in good time, however, and avoided an accident or injuries at speeds of more than 100 km/h. Although the race had to be interrupted,

it failed to put a damper on the day’s great atmosphere. In the evening, the drivers, visitors and helpers got together in the town centre and celebrated the race and the company anniversary at a Soul Night. A little tired, but with new contacts and friends, the drivers parted ways over the Alps.

 Here you can watch the SIP TV Video of this year´s race:


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