Vespa & Lambretta Joyride 2022 - from Landsberg around the Ammersee

Created by Dietrich Limper at 10:07 on July 20, 2022

Like so many other events, the popular, traditional "Vespa Joyride" had to be cancelled in the last two years. Why was that? Corona. The ride organised by the SIP Scootershop is now well known beyond the region. This year, a couple even came from Sweden, but riders from Austria and Switzerland also responded to the call to the large district town on the Lech. Around 200 scooter fans gathered on Saturday 16 July at around 10 Clock to enjoy Italian pastries and coffee, served by the fantastic Siperia team. People also met old friends and acquaintances, talked petrol and admired the many different scooters: from 50s tubular handlebars to classic wideframes and smallframes to modern Vespas, everything was represented. And many a Lambretta had also "cheated" its way in among the Vespas.

After SIP boss Ralf had called for departure via megaphone, it got really loud at around 11.30 Clock when the rattling machines left the SIP Scootershop premises. First of all, the long procession travelled through the picturesque backdrop of Landsberg's old town, which seemed to have been made for a tour on two-wheelers. Then it was out onto the small Upper Bavarian roads around the Ammersee. The sun was shining, the wind was blowing around the riders' helmets and many a cheer of delight could be heard. Finally on the road together again, finally a joyride!

Great joy at the Joyride ride
Joyride 2022: pure freedom!

Blessed Vespas

The next stop was the Benedictine monastery of Andechs on the "Holy Mountain of Bavaria". Father Valentin welcomed the scooter community and blessed the vehicles. The divine protection provided what felt like an extra two horsepower and so the group set off towards Utting under a blue Bavarian sky. The pretty village on Lake Ammersee is not only celebrating its 900th birthday this year, but is also home to the "Alte Villa", where the scooter fans are excellently catered for. If 200 hungry pilots are sitting in the beer garden after around 30 minutes, supplied with chicken and drinks, then the crew at the "Villa" must have done everything right. We would like to thank them for this perfect service. The atmosphere was cosy and convivial. After many eventful hours, the "joyriders" parted ways here and everyone went on to their own destinations.

The Vespa attitude to life

"It's a great feeling for everyone to cruise through beautiful winding roads in a large group of enthusiastic Vespisti - it's great that this was finally possible again!"

-SIP Scootershop co-founder and Joyride organiser Ralf sums up the mood of the day

"The Joyride is the ideal expression of the whole Vespa attitude to life. Carefree, free and carefree out into the wide world."

-Compagnon Alex describes the spirit of the trip

The video of the SIP Vespa Joyride 2022

Picture gallery SIP Vespa Joyride 2022

Vespa & Lambretta Joyride 2022 Landsberg
Dietrich Limper
Dietrich Limper

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