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Continuation of Part 1

July 2023

5 years Vespa Club Wiehengebirge

Marco tells us: "On 8 July 2023, the Vespa Club Wiehengebirge e.V. celebrated its 5th anniversary in a joyful atmosphere. Friends and enthusiastic Vespa enthusiasts from various clubs were cordially invited to this special occasion. The invitation was very well received and more than 100 guests flocked to the event, over 70 of whom had proudly travelled on their own Vespas. For the first 50 scooters to arrive on the day, there was an exclusive Bag filled with attractive "giveaways". In order to have enough space for the event, we rented the DRK clubhouse in Bissendorf-Jeggen, which offered us plenty of room. An entertaining obstacle course for the Fun Games was set up in the car park. Here, visitors could put their driving skills to the test and take the chance to win great prizes from our generous sponsors - including a high-quality Vespa Helmet from the prestigious Schriewer company.
The obstacle course was given an extra pinch of excitement by a fully functional old speed camera. Once visitors had completed the course, the speed camera offered the opportunity for a souvenir photo if you exceeded a certain speed limit. For those who wanted even more snapshots of themselves and their Vespas, there was another speed camera that flashed along a marked-out route. Another highlight was the custom show, in which each scooter was judged on its individual beauty and uniqueness. A homemade mobile phone holder received the coveted trophy as an award at this show.
Of course, the physical well-being was also well catered for. From bratwurst and delicious salads to tantalising cakes and fragrant coffee - nobody had to go hungry. In view of the scorching 35 degrees on this sunny day, our chilled soft drinks were particularly popular. In keeping with the spirit of the Vespa, a refreshing 50-kilometre ride was organised at lunchtime. Just in case, a breakdown lorry was available on the festival grounds, which fortunately was not needed. After the ride, the winners were ceremoniously honoured with generous prizes from our supporting sponsors. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our sponsors from the bottom of our hearts. You have helped to make this day an unforgettable event. Dallmann, Salon Dostal, Der Dorfladen, VGH, klein & fein, Schriewer, Louis, S.I.P., Werkstatt Hartmann, Scooter Center.
A special thank you also goes to our valued visitors, the hard-working helpers, the speed camera collectors and the dedicated members of the DRK association. Without your support, this day would not have been able to shine in its full splendour. This wonderful day, filled with lively petrol talk and exciting activities, unfortunately came to an end far too quickly. Once again, many thanks to everyone who helped to make this day an unforgettable experience.
On behalf of the Vespaclub Wiehengebirge, thank you once again for your support!"

"De Smaaknatie", Antwerp Slowriders SC, Belgium


Tosh says: "Firstly, thank you again for the goodies. We feel honoured!
Despite the disastrous weather forecast and various public holidays, we had a good turnout. We were able to welcome a good 50 scooters at our starting point "De Smaaknatie" in Antwerp. Dirk, the owner of De Smaaknatie and a member of our scooter club, was also celebrating his 14th anniversary. After a drink and a snack, we were able to set off in the direction of Bar Bruur, Ruisbroek. This route went perfectly ... except for a loose licence plate. On a ride like this with a larger group, we usually get positive reactions from passers-by and many spectators. Occasionally there are the people who then suggest that we stink ... you probably know what I mean ... the waving under the nose ... haha funny... then we usually step on the gas a bit more. We love the smell of 2-strokes!
When we arrived in Bar Bruur, it turned out that a thunderstorm with lots of rain was on its way. To avoid this, we had to cut our visit short and continue to the citadel in Borsbeek earlier than planned. Our journey was very well planned, so that we passed few or no traffic lights. This second part of the journey took us along beautiful country roads with lots of trees and green views. Again, there were no problems worth mentioning, 1 gear cable had snapped and 1 scooter had a flat rear tyre. Fortunately, we were able to fix this quickly with a spare cable and tyre.
After everyone had arrived safely at our stopover (El Citadelle) and got something to drink, the predicted downpour broke out after all. Here, too, we had arranged a small "parade".
Many thanks to our sponsors, including SIP Scootershop. A special greeting goes to our scooter friends: The Kompanie, Gaylordz Scooter Club, Vesparados, Vespa Club Orcas, Vespa Romeos, Vespa Club Verona, The Bombers full throttle, Vespahombres in short... everyone who was there!"

Vespázz Velem!, Veteran Vespa Club Hungary

"For the first time in Hungary, our club, the Veteran Vespa Club Hungary, organised the national Vespa meeting after the foundation of the Hungarian Vespa umbrella organisation in Velem, at the foot of the Alps, in the holiday resort of Novákfalva. The meeting was attended by 22 Vespa clubs from six countries with prior registration, and another four clubs spontaneously without registration. In brief, the programmes and events of the four-day event:
Day 1 / Thursday:
- The first 100 registrants received a SIP gift
in addition to the welcome package - in the evening with a shared evening buffet, friendly conversations and reports on the experiences of the two world travellers "Mauro and Vespina", who were also with us at the weekend and continued their journey from there; through Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, Greece back to sunny Italy.
Day 2/Friday
After breakfast and further registration, the applicants set off on a limited tour in the morning: across the national border, through Austria towards the Geschreibenstein.
- In the afternoon, a large joint tour started through the "Iron Curtain", to a museum showing the old border, and then continued
- in the town of Szombathely, which was known as Savaria in Roman times, the participants received drinks and snacks at predetermined refreshment points.
- Evening Vespa market "Mercato" and raffle with valuable prizes, such as: SIP Scootershop gift, and a Vespa PK was raffled off as the main prize. The entertaining afternoon was followed by a Grill dinner and a joint party with music and dancing.
Day 3/Saturday
- After breakfast Írott-Kő tour of the town of Kőszeg, where we stopped at the main square for the mayor's welcome, which was attended by both locals and traditionalists. A cannon was fired in our honour (a 600-year-old cannon left behind from the Ottoman Empire) and bells were rung.
- A visit to the Vespa Museum in Oberwart (one of the largest private Vespa collections in Austria).
- In the afternoon, a motorbike skills competition "Gymkhana" One of our sponsors, Red Bull, provided the energy for the Vespas to fly high. :-)
- Vespa beauty contest "Concours d'Elegance" on the same day, where we announced the winners in various categories;
- Club greetings, award ceremony.
- The evening gala dinner, the highlight of which is the dessert: ice cream from a Vespa, and the beer: "Peroni" on tap from a Faro Basso engine block! :) :)
- A relaxed short ride together on Sunday to say goodbye, then farewell with many, many new experiences :-)"


Summer party, VC Regensburg

A report from Joachim: "How great the euphoria was just a few weeks before the eagerly awaited event. The various team leaders had committed their helpers to three days of hard work. Every nook and cranny was tweaked and improved. All heads bent over the set-up plans ... "If we could move this stand another two metres in this direction, then ..."
As the weekend approached, it soon became clear - we would have to react spontaneously and throw the set-up plan overboard again, because the weather forecasts didn't look good at all and the predicted rain had to be counteracted with tents and pavilions. No sooner said than done. Over 40 hard-working helpers did their best to ensure that the bar, barbecue and bar were ready for the warm-up on Friday evening. Because at least on Friday it stayed dry so far.
The first guests started to arrive in the early afternoon...and there were actually more and more of them. What was intended a few years ago as a nice gesture for individuals, less overnight guests, so that they wouldn't feel lost in the evening, is now being accepted more and more. A good 100 people, including our own members, were already in a great party mood on Friday.


Saturday got off to a more subdued start. The sky was grey and it kept drizzling. However, a tour of the site showed once again how loyal the Vespa family is to us. Austria, Switzerland, NRW, Schleswig-Holstein - no.... The Regensburg summer festival is no longer a small local gathering in the Bavarian province. This is also evident from the merchant mile. In addition to the local heroes Roller Schmid, Rollerladen and MEM-Motors, Vesbar from Munich and Scooter Pezzi from Ludwigshafen are also at the start. Only the weather - yes, that should still present us with challenges and, above all, decisions.
The first thing to fall victim to it was the guided tours. A dozen tour guides were suddenly out of work. Just a few days before, the routes had been travelled ... Bouncy castle? Test stand? Too wet for the technology. So they didn't go into operation either.
The atmosphere? Even after the third morning downpour, it still held up. So our guides spontaneously decided to offer individual tours to the Befreiungshalle in Kelheim or the Walhalla in Donaustauf during the short dry spells. After all, we didn't want our guests to just sit around all day, but also to see some of the beautiful countryside around Regensburg. Regensburg did indeed live up to its name until the early afternoon. But that only stopped a few people from coming to us. We counted over 330 vehicles by then.
Unfortunately, none of them were to take part in the parade this year. On the advice of our friends from the fire brigade, we had to cancel it for the first time with a heavy heart. And this despite the fact that it had already dried out a little in the meantime. But this decision turned out to be absolutely right. We would have driven straight into a heavy storm front with our eyes wide open. Tours cancelled, parade cancelled, test stand not even set up. So the thought occurred to us that the tombola, the proceeds of which were intended to support the Lengfeld fire brigade and the BRK emergency services in Bad Abbach, might also be cancelled.
We don't know whether this was due to the numerous donations in kind from our supporters, such as the Scooter Center, SIP Scootershop, Rollerladen, POLO Motorrad and the VCVD, or to the incredibly pleasant and informal atmosphere. This year's significantly reduced number of guests managed to do what over 800 people had not managed to do the year before: shortly before the end of the ticket sale, the ticket stand reported that all 1,000 tickets had been sold. Proof that it is not the number of guests that matters, but simply WHO is there. The weather gods did have mercy on us for the rest of the evening, which immediately gave us a new tradition with the spontaneous "sundowner tour" to Prunn Castle in the Altmühltal. The unplanned circumstances have given us some ideas for 2024 anyway. It will be interesting to see.
But what will certainly remain is the evening party - whether outside, in the wine arbour or in the bar tent. If you only see each other once a year anyway, then even a bit of water from above can't spoil the party. So everyone can look forward to the highlights of the summer festival in 2024. We're still a long way from running out of ideas. Save the date: we'll see you on the island from 26 July to 28 July 2024!"

Vesparada 2023, Czech Republic

Jan summarises: "Thank you very much for your support at our VESPARADA 2023 event. The aim of the event was to bring together fans of the VESPA brand and present it to the public. Our event was attended by a large majority of Vespa clubs from the Czech Republic. We are very pleased that our friends from Germany, Poland and Slovakia also came. Part of our event was also a charity auction, where we managed to raise money for the purchase of a special pram for a girl with a combined disability from the region. The programme on Saturday consisted of a ride in the morning, a lunch with a charity auction, a horse ride in the afternoon and a cultural programme in the evening. The event was attended by, among others, the President of the Vespa Club of the Czech Republic, Vítězslav Krížek, and the President of the Vespa Club Prague, Massimo Canepa, who is also the official representative of SIP Scootershop in the Czech Republic. The whole event was perceived as very positive by all participants. We are planning to repeat the event next year. Thank you once again!"

Other events in July: Vespa meeting Weißenburg, Surf & Ride Geslau, Raduno Vespe de Sera

Surf & Ride

August 2023


Lambretta Club Waasland, Belgium

Steve briefly and succinctly announces that the event went extremely well with 150 participants and will be repeated in 2024. He also thanks us warmly for the many goodie bags that we sent to them. We were happy to do so.

Tour du Béarn en Vespa, France

"Thank you very much for your support, it was a great 2nd Tour du Béarn, we had 13 teams with three riders each at the start. They rode 250 km in the Pyrenees, with heavy rain at times, but everyone made it and were happy to share a drink in "La forge moderne" afterwards. All three top teams had one or two scooter girls in their ranks, so it seems to be the key to success ;-)"

Vespa Club Utting, 2nd Ammersee Westcoast Vespa Rallye

80 visitors and 30 Vespas were on hand to take part in this rally and the skill tests. The route took them through the wonderful landscape of Upper Bavaria and all riders reached the finish line safely. Afterwards, there was plenty of celebrating and the day ended with a chat about petrol.

Vesparaduno Asasíno, Guastalla, Italy

Nicola writes: "It was a very nice event that started with some rain but ended with sunshine. Our guests are always very happy to receive your gadgets and it will be very nice to have your support for our next event."

Other events in August: British Vespa Days, Ciao Szekszard, Palmarium Scooter Run, German Vespa Rally, XI Scooterliada, Tres Giorni, Isle of Wight Scooter Rally

September 2023

Scooter Run to the Hills, Catalonia, Spain

Marc reports: "Around 125 scooters from all over Catalonia and France met on the last weekend of September in Santa Eugènia de Berga, a town 60 km north of Barcelona. The weekend began on Friday with the first registrations, a welcome dinner and an evening with DJs. Saturday began at 9 Clock with further enrolments and a traditional "Catalan breakfast". At noon, the 70 km scooter ride to the typical places of the region took place, and in the middle of the ride we took a break for a beer & a schnapps. At 3 Clock we had lunch in a good restaurant for all participants, after which the souvenirs and gifts from our sponsors were distributed. The day was not over yet, because at 7 Clock a concert with two ska and punk bands started and at 10 Clock the last Allnighter started with a top scooter DJ with our favourite sounds. The weekend ended on Sunday morning with a small breakfast for all scooter boys & girls ..."

1. Krefeld poker rally organised by the Schaltkreuzritter Vespa Club

Leif lets us know: "We met from 10 Clock, where all starters received a starter pack with a Key Chain from SIP and a Sticker. The rally started at the Krefeld racecourse, from where the participants set off on the 80-kilometre route around and through Krefeld. The route took the riders to Sleeve Berg, on to the Kaiser Wilhelm Museum, past Linn Castle to the Rhine, which was crossed on the Uerdingen Bridge, offering not only an impressive crossing of the Rhine, but also a spectacular view of the river and the surrounding countryside. After returning across the Rhine on the ferry from Kaiserswerth to Latum, the rally continued along the Rhine back to Krefeld, past the chemical park and after a detour to Lake Elfrath and finally back to the Krefeld racecourse, where the rally ended with petrolhead discussions.
Each team of drivers had drawn four cards at the start and along the route. The last card was drawn at the finish - team 2 won with a full house. All participants in the top three teams also received prizes."

29. Slaugtherhouse Rally, Chicago, USA

Cynthia shares: "The 29th Slaugtherhouse Rally was a marathon of 29 hours! There were multiple rides, axe throwing, timed rides, a safety check station, a gymkhana competition, dancing and ended with an awards ceremony and lots of tired but happy scooter riders! Thanks again for SIP's continued support of the Slaughterhouse event! You are a valuable resource for the scooter community!"

La Segona trobada d'scooteristes de Tortosa, Catalonia

Lluís reports: "In the end, instead of 200 participants, 130 came together, so there were a lot of us and the atmosphere was very good. We therefore passed on 50 units from your sponsorship to a friendly Vespa club in Azanuy for their event. Pendant pictures so you can imagine what the T-Shirt looked like and a picture of my Vespa with the SIP Sticker!"

Other events in September: Vespa Meeting Meeuwen, Lambretta Jamboree, Vesbeachi, Vespa Volme Days, 30 years Pharaohs, Raduno Nationale, VC Parade all 55 clubs/55 cities,


October 2023

Rally Picard, France

We received this message: "The rally was very cheerful and good-humoured. We were 37 registered scooters and rode 130 km on Saturday and 40 km on Sunday. Everything went smoothly and all the participants were delighted with the goodie bag and your support. I would like to thank you for that. I hope you will be back next year! Many thanks in advance."

The team

Challenge Scootentole, France

A great report: "This year the team was partially renewed, with two new riders: Gino and Thomas, aka Ginette and Tup. This duo worked together for the first time with our "International Rider" Pierre (aka Peter The Rosbeef), who had ridden for an English racing team on Teeside and in Whilton Mill (Great Britain) this year. In everyday life, Tup and Ginette rode a Vespa 2T (each their own, not two on the same machine), and only Tup had never ridden a tin-shell on the track. In fact, Ginette had already put together a 100% Belgian team in 2018. The only real unknown for the pair was the mount, as they had never ridden it before. Unlike Pierre, who had already made it his companion for seven years.
Compared to previous years, however, a few changes had been made: a Piaggio master cylinder that is much more responsive than the previous one, a 177cc VMC Fonte Cylinder/Piston that is better than the old 177cc Polini, a TORKE Exhaust from WhiteOneRacing that offers more torque and Extension than anything they had known before, and a WhiteOneRacing protoclutch (CR 80 Washer) whose sensitivity has not changed in 10 hours. The weather was guaranteed to be warm and dry, so slick tyres were fitted for the first year.
As is tradition in our team, we hid at the back of the grid and left it to those hungry for victory to battle it out from the first second of the race. With 359.999 (seconds!) still to go, our priority was to arrive in peace by 7 Clock.
In fact, before the end of the first hour, two very fast contenders collided with each other and ended up on the pile. Although one of them administered first aid to his rival, the track doctor had to intervene. The race was then interrupted for around 20 minutes.
As the track was in perfect condition, the lap times were excellent and there were only a few crashes. A very spectacular stunt by a small hulk caused the doctor to come out and the rider and machine to go home for good. The four rollovers caused by "wheel contact" with another scooter took their toll on the Small's Suspension Arm and rear Shock Absorber.
There were also many breakdowns that required time in the pits, and the machines involved often came in regularly. Among these machines were the most beautiful and powerful, but certainly not the most reliable. In contrast, our setup with the simplest, cheapest and least powerful machines lasted the 10 hours without the slightest breakdown. Not even an adjustment between Saturday's Tester/qualifiers and Sunday's race: the equipment had been carefully prepared, with exceptional foresight. The support of SIP Scootershop, Ipone, WhiteOneRacing, P2R and La Raoul also contributed to the success: 2nd place in the category (LP2) and 17th place overall. Kudos to our riders and the entire team for the logistics of the perfect weekend!
PS: After the debriefing with the team, it turned out that the only way to improve the performance of the machine and rider combination was to reduce the weight of the whole thing. As the scooter is already 'cut with a knife', the at least 15 kg that needs to be shaved off should be saved elsewhere ...
Pierre used the ideal conditions to improve our team's lap record to 1:45 minutes."

Vesparaba, Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain

"Organised by the Vespa Club Vitoria with the kind support of the municipality of Vitoria-Gasteiz, province of Alava and the Vespa Club España. After meeting at the "Plaza de la Provincia" and having breakfast, we set off with just over 100 Vespas and Lambrettas. The approx. 100 km ride, during which we crossed what felt like several weather zones - fog, rain and bright sunshine - in and around the Vitoria-Gasteiz region was very beautiful. After the ride, we had the opportunity to enjoy a delicious three-course meal in the Zapirón restaurant as well as the drawing and distribution of trophies (most beautiful Lambretta and Vespa in original condition, furthest journey, etc.) and the merchandising articles that we received from SIP, among others, at this point we would like to thank the SIP TEAM on behalf of the club. We are very much looking forward to more great trips. Best regards and have a safe journey at all times."

November 2023


Mulled wine get-together, Straubing

Harald reports: "In connection with the Vespa parts market organised by Raphael Knespel, we started our annual mulled wine get-together in aid of the Bettina Bräu Foundation. Around 40 members and their companions helped to make the event a success. Culinary delights included donated Käsekrainer, veal sausages and neck of Iberico pork in a roll. In the run-up to the event, there was, of course, mulled wine, punch and mulled wine with a shot. The rest of the excellent catering was provided by Stefan Bauer from the Hubertushalle. A major highlight of the evening was the auction. Everyone was waiting for the highlight from SIP. And that was the "SIP Road 3". Markus Stömmer Rockinger was the winner of the bidding battle. Markus was very pleased. The net proceeds of the event totalled €750. This sum will be transferred to the foundation. I would like to thank SIP for this great commitment."

17. Indian Summer Rally, Richmond, USA

Dan Barton has the last word this year: "Our Indian Summer 17 Rally took place last weekend and went very, very well; we had about 120 riders this year on all makes and models of scooters and mopeds!
As I say pretty much every year, we couldn't do something like this without people like you. Our event keeps growing and growing, and we really appreciate the support you guys gave us this year. Thanks to you guys, this little motorbike community remains pretty darn strong and isn't going away anytime soon. On behalf of the 7-Hills Scooter Club and our many participants this year, I want to thank you!"

Events in December 2023: Monsoon Camp, Pranzo Natale, Un Piaggio Nel Tempo


Picture gallery: Events for Vespa & Lambretta 2023

Vespa & Lambretta Events 2023
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