Vespa GT 200 with turbocharger

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Adam Eldridge from Austin, Texas, is a customiser with over two decades of experience. Under his label Python Lair Designs, where he deals with customised bikes, choppers and hot rods, as well as architectural metalwork, he has completely redesigned the 2003 Vespa GT 200. His approach required extensive disassembly, leaving only the Crankcase, front fork and wheels.

The impetus for the Vespa project came from Guido DeVita, an enigmatic 70-year-old enthusiast who loves both cars and motorbikes and cares little for social convention. Adam is a regular partner of Guido's company ilGaragista - a high-end garage, limited only by the client's budget.


Vespa or aeroplane?

For the redesign, Adam digitised every millimetre of the original using SolidWorks 3D design software and designed an innovative chassis. The body, consisting of four inner parts and five outer parts, was handcrafted from aluminium sheets, supported by a specially designed skeletal structure at the rear. Each part was machined using precision tools.

The project was inspired by a deep admiration for Piaggio's classic aviation design and Adam's passion for classic racing cars, resulting in a unique blend of art deco and retro sci-fi elements in the Vespa's aesthetic. Particular inspiration came from Bill Burke's repurposed P-51 Belly Tank as well as the PTG Racing BMW E36 M3 race cars of the 90s that impressed Adam in his youth.

Technically, the Vespa has a customised turbo system that offers surprising power despite the compact 198 cc Engine. Integrating this system with the drive unit was a challenge, for which special aeroplane hoses were used to compensate for the movement of the rear suspension. Adam also installed a low pressure regulator, a lift pump and a new ECU.


Brake Pedal instead of Lever

To handle the increased power, the suspension and braking system have been upgraded, including the installation of Frando Brake Calipers, Bitubo Shock Absorbers and Pirelli Diablo Scooter Tyres . The cockpit has been redesigned with a modified Piaggio Handlebar and integrated Motogadget Switches and a stylish speedometer found on Amazon. A custom foot pedal replaces the traditional handlebar levers.

Adam's transformation of the Vespa is not only a technical masterpiece, but also a work of art that now enriches ilGaragista's collection. This creative collaboration is sure to produce many more innovative projects.

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Vespa GT 200 Custom
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