Vespa Events Review 2021: Rallye des 3 Massifs

Created by Dietrich Limper at 12:12 on December 1, 2021

1.200 Kilometers in four days

A story from our buddy David Nadjar, member of the French Vespa Club Dauphinois from Grenoble.

For the celebration of the 10th anniversary of our "Rallye des 3 Massifs", we’ve invited our Vespa Community to a four days rally on the beautiful country roads of the Centre-south of France throughout five regions: Ardèche, Cantal, Lot, Périgord and Forez. As every year, despite the roughness of the roads and the heavy number of kilometers, everyone is simply happy to be there, which is the main spirit that characterises the "Rallye des 3 Massifs"!

Start from the Château Louis XI in La Cote Saint Andre (Isère), from 9.01 am to 9.55 am, 217 scooters making up 54 teams set off in the rain towards Saint Flour (Cantal) for a first stage of 300 km.

The slippery road surface throughout the route caused a few falls, grated fenders on the tarmac and the fright of the unlucky. The finishing point is in the vast courtyard of "La Maison des Planchettes", an imposing building that used to be a priests' seminary and that has meanwhile become a hotel.

The copious dinner takes place under a big top in the courtyard of the impressive building. At the end of the evening, around a glass of traditional Chartreuse liqueur, we had the opportunity to bring some of the machines up to standard so that they are ready to take to the road again the next day.

Dietrich Limper
Dietrich Limper

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