Vespa Cross "MATSCHO KARATSCHO #1" in Landsberg

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On 07 October, the time had finally come: the scooter motocross track on the SIP Scootershop company premises could be inaugurated at the "Matscho Karatscho #1". Our track planners Jesco and Nico had put their heads together in the summer and designed a circuit on paper. For the implementation, they got expert advice from Kaufering-based builder and motocross rider Manfred Zienecker(HMT GmbH) and all-round handyman genius Julian Veit. Then the excavators moved in and transformed the wasteland into a 470-metre-long track with various chicanes: pendulum, water ditch, washboard, seesaw, jumps and tight bends. A real highlight was the 180-degree steep curve for which eight lorry loads of humus were brought in. But the best thing to do is to watch the video we have linked below to learn all about the creation of the track.

First test drives and feedback

Ralf, Co-CEO at SIP Scootershop, explains the background for this elaborate story: "The whole area was simply unused and when Jesco and Nico approached me with the idea, I was immediately enthusiastic. Vespacross is great fun, for riders and spectators alike."

At "Matscho Karatscho #1", the first test rides now had to show what kind of course Jesco and Nico had come up with. The first hand-picked drivers took to the track and the spectators held their breath. Bernd Dreer from Bad Wörishofen let the mud splash, whizzed through the steep bend, hopped over the washboard and beamed like a honey-cake horse after the first laps: "The track is brutally fun, my compliments! The chicanes are cleverly designed and that's where the wheat is separated from the chaff, because anyone can go straight. It was my first time back on the bike in three years and the laps were really exhausting."

Bert Linters had travelled spontaneously from Hasselt, Belgium, and the challenging circuit also put a smile on his face: "I drove 700 kilometres to be here and it was really worth it. You can tell that the course was made especially for scooters and the steep curve is especially fun. I'll definitely be back next year and bring my mates with me."

The 1st Vespacross as a test run in October 2022
André tests the brakes on his Vespa Cosa
The Belgian Lightning: Bert Linters
Full concentration at Jesco

20 years in the cellar, at the start of "Matscho Karatscho

20 years in the cellar: the Vespa from Nagel Motors

Nic Nagel and Christian "Lutzi" Lutz from Nagel Motors had come from Garmisch-Partenkirchen and brought with them a very special treasure that had spent the last 20 years in the cellar. "I rode this Vespa over 20 years ago at the cross race on the Panzerwiese in Daglfing near Munich," Nic recalls. "It only has two gears now, but apart from that we only had to change the spark plug. The Vespa still runs. For next year, I'm going to tweak it a bit more, but that's all I'm going to tell you."

It was Lutzi, however, who took the Vespa straight from the cellar to the track. Well, it lasted a few laps, yelping agonisedly in first gear - that was all it could do. Lutzi had his fun anyway: "It was cool, especially because I've never ridden such a machine before and I've never been on such a track. In the first lap I was unsure at first, but after that I let it fly. Unfortunately, even on the straight, only in first gear. Now the exhaust fell off too, but it was cool and really fun." For next year's race, he will then rather set up his own machine.

"Now the track is nice and muddy, it still grinds between your teeth," Konny from Augsburggrinned after the first laps. "Now it's really fun. I've done a lot of cross in the last few years, but this track tops everything. I'll definitely be back at the start here."

Constant in first gear: Lutzi
The winner of the race: Marc Groth
Konny with mud in his teeth

5 pm: Starting signal for the first race

Of course, the praise went down like grease oil to the track planners. Jesco confirms this: "I am particularly proud that experienced pilots like Bernd Dreer and Marc Groth are enthusiastic about the track. Now nothing stands in the way of our big race next year." Actually, they are only amateurs when it comes to building race tracks, Nico adds, there would have been a few suggestions for improvement, but basically everyone is highly satisfied. "The boys' eyes light up like those of little children, because where can you ever let it rip like that?" he continues. "Unfortunately, I can't ride myself today because of an inflammation in my arm."

Of course, there was some damage to the scooters and a fall here and there, but everything went smoothly. Everyone who was still willing and able to ride took to the starting line at 5pm for the first "Matscho Karatscho" race. Six pilots took up the challenge.

"I actually ride enduro-cross bikes, but this track is perfect for a Vespa. It was just a very cool experience and I'll be happy to come back."

Marc Groth, Sieger
Bernd steps on the gas
Nico could not compete due to injury but it is enough for a pose
The start
Award ceremony in Formula 1 style

Conclusion and outlook

Marc Groth quickly took the lead and did not relinquish it for the next four laps. The field was exciting and the pilots gave everything once again. Finally Marc crossed the finish line and was cheered by the crowd. The "Belgian lightning" Bert and Konny "Schindluder" came in second. Although the race had taken energy, the winners still managed to pop the champagne corks. Congratulations to all participants for their courage, commitment and driving skills.

Ralf could only draw a positive conclusion: "It was a very successful test run for our big event next year. The track is great, all the riders liked it and now we are looking forward to the next race. Many thanks also to showrunner Christian, pit girl Tina, celebrity chef Salvatore, DJ Aldez and the great audience."

Matscho Karatscho #2 on Saturday 29 July 2023

If you want to stay informed about the big Vespacross event in summer 2023, please go to the event page on Facebook and click "agree" or "interested" - we are looking forward to seeing you all in summer 2023! Who of you is going?

Video: "Matscho Karatscho" - a track is created:

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Matscho Karatscho #1 2022
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