Tuning kits for Vespas with TÜV certificate from SIP

Created by Stephan Hufschmid at 16:10 on October 2, 2018

We now offer tuning kits with TÜV certificates for easy registration in the vehicle documents. With our parts approval kits, we now offer you the pearls of our years of tuning experience road-legally through all-round carefree packages for registration in the vehicle documents.

For the parts certificate tuning kits we have selected the favourite combinations of the SIP team and many customers. They are real upgrades for the aged designs of the Vespa engines. Whether with SIP Road or our classic SIP Performance resonance exhaust - the kits are always significantly sportier than the original, but still touring-friendly and quiet, partly due to double-walled exhaust and with enough ground clearance and harmonious, early power delivery. Also included are many effective small parts such as the float chamber with larger needle valve and the special throttle slide, which make it easy to get started even for those who are not familiar with fine tuning in detail.

If you present yourselfwith this document at the "TÜV" or another inspection institution, the inspector can transfer the values for noise, power and maximum speed directly into the test certificate of your vehicle; this means you save time and money for these measurements, which usually cost several hundred euros and cannot be made at every corner. With the test certificate, you can then have the changes entered in the vehicle documents at the registration office and from then on you are completely legal on the road with more power. Please state the chassis number of your vehicle (VIN) when ordering! The expert (e.g. TÜV) will then check whether the components are installed as described in the certificate and will collect or archive the underlying parts certificate. The VIN on which the TGA is issued does not have to be in the area of use of the certificate, i.e. a certificate for a Malossi 210 can also be issued on the VIN of a PX80 ("V8X1T..."). The issuing of TGAs to 1 unique chassis number serves as copy protection. Please use the free text field at the end of the online order (comment) to enter your VIN or tell us when ordering by phone. The parts certificate article cannot be sent to you without the VIN. For combinations of performance-enhancing components, please note the tuning kits we have put together for you (e.g. 1010410H). The parts certificates contained therein describe the joint installation of all parts included in the scope of delivery.

Click here to go directly to the shop for the available kits: http: //bit.ly/roadlegalvespa

Further parts certificates, some only for individual cylinders or exhaust systems, are in preparation!

Stephan Hufschmid
Stephan Hufschmid

Stephan Hufschmid has been part of SIP Scootershop since 2001. As sales manager, he is responsible for the strategic orientation of our sales channels. In addition, he is in charge of parts of the quality and complaint management as well as the MALOSSI Germany brand management. His passion are Vespa smallframe models. But also nostalgic "plastic bombers" like ZIP, NRG or Aerox are not necessarily unpopular models with him. His current vehicle is a Vespa GTS 300, of course with Malossi engine upgrade and SIP styling parts: Performance & Style.