Technical product designers from the Munich Vocational College pay a visit

Created by Dietrich Limper at 11:12 on December 13, 2023

On 13 December, we received a visit from the vocational school for metal design mechatronics from Munich. Eight graduates made a flying visit to SIP Scootershop with specialist group leader Gertrud Frank and teacher Anna-Lisa Krause to find out about the processes and departments. The finished technical product designers have more than three years of training behind them and are now starting their careers. Gertrud Frank explains: "Most of them will be taken on by their companies, others are now doing further training as technicians or going to university."

During their visit, they received expert guidance from André, who is responsible for training technical product designers at SIP Scootershop. "For the graduates, today is the graduation ceremony at SIP Scootershop and the presentation of their certificates," says Gertrud Frank, head of the specialist group. "We wanted to see how SIP Scootershop is organised. In such a smaller company, you can get much more involved as an employee than in the rigid structure of a large company."

At the end of the day, the newly qualified designers were able to enjoy a relaxed day with pizza and pasta and prepare for their next tasks with renewed vigour. SIP Scootershop wishes them all the best and every success in their future endeavours!

Anna-Lisa Krause (left) and Gertrud Frank (right) with their pupils.

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Dietrich Limper
Dietrich Limper

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