Team Scoot'r Service au 6è Challenge Scootentole 2019 à Magny-Cours

Created by Stephan Hufschmid at 10:11 on November 14, 2019

On the same model as since 2016, and as promised to our sponsors and supporters (SIP Scootershop, Bière La Raoul, Ipone, P2R), voici quelques lignes sur notre participation au Challenge Scootentole 2019 à Magny-Cours sur le circuit club le week end des 5/6 octobre.

Identical in composition to its predecessor, the team consisted of Pierre, Karl and Cédric. Romuald supervised the mechanical and food logistics. Team manager and proprietor of the company: Frédéric Delsart. It should be noted that this year, Pierre added to his palmarès two participations in foreign courses in a British centre: the 24 hours of Zuera and the 10 hours of Tside.

The Polini 177 having encountered a few problems with the Litzor selection box in 2018, we have replaced it with an original box. The major modification was made in the VAPE variable all-round kit from SIP. A new assembly was needed to complete the panoply of a tried and tested classic configuration.

For the first time, we were confronted with terrible weather conditions: strong winds and torrents of water caused a lot of chutes and interruptions to the course to allow the rescuers to evacuate the injured. Even though the best pilots were performing better than us, there was a drop in performance due to the difficulty of using the most powerful engines on the runway. In addition, 2 visits to the stand to change tyres (slick tyres to wet tyres at 11:30 and back to slick tyres at 17:00) were necessary this year.

Quelques éléments de comparaison des performances de l'équipe:

- In 2016, the team covered 685 km (274 tours of 2.5 km) over the 10 hours of the course.

- In 2017, the distance was only 467 km (187 tours) due to a major mechanical problem (piston cassé after 1h45 of the course).

- In 2018, 275 tours were cancelled, or 688 km.

- This year, 264 tours were completed, totalling 660 km.

During the course, the only major problem was the casse d'un crochet d'aile. The partial dismantling of the axle forced Cédric to stop for a few seconds at the entrance to the right-hand lane to dismantle the turbocharger and abandon it on the track. Dommage because it was precisely during this tour that he broke the team record of the year: 1 min. 51. To be clear, 1 min. 47 is the absolute record of the team, set by Karl in 2018, who had left a few pieces of snow on the bitumen in an attempt to improve it further (his obsession with perfection).

This year, 1 min. 29 is the best time of the course, realised by team #6 Paul Projekt who finished 2nd behind team #21 Team Scuderia Pinasco Small (309 tours, 2 tours more than the 2èmes, and 45 tours more than us).

At 19h08, Pierre passed the arrival lane without a hitch, in front of Fabienne's embroiled eyes (probably a consequence of the condensation on the lunette lenses due to the humid air), full of admiration for his International Rider de mari..

Out of 48 participating teams (Germany, England, France, Italy, Spain, France, Belgium and France-Belgium), the Scoot'R Service Team came 18th in the general classification (28th in 2018 and 34th in 2017) and 4th in its category (LP2) (idem 2018).

Encore un grand merci pour votre soutien. Team Scoot'r Service #62

Stephan Hufschmid
Stephan Hufschmid

Stephan Hufschmid has been part of SIP Scootershop since 2001. As sales manager, he is responsible for the strategic orientation of our sales channels. In addition, he is in charge of parts of the quality and complaint management as well as the MALOSSI Germany brand management. His passion are Vespa smallframe models. But also nostalgic "plastic bombers" like ZIP, NRG or Aerox are not necessarily unpopular models with him. His current vehicle is a Vespa GTS 300, of course with Malossi engine upgrade and SIP styling parts: Performance & Style.