SIP Vespa Road Trips Best of 2013-2020

Created by Ralf Jodl at 13:02 on February 3, 2021

The SIP Tour has become a tradition, a highlight in the SIP team's calendar that everyone looks forward to. Every year, a new route is worked out, new destinations discovered and the most beautiful routes for a scooter tour explored. And this has been going on since 1996....

SIP Vespa Road Trip to Eurovespa 1996 in San Remo, Italy

These tours have always been without a net or a double bottom: no escort vehicles, luggage, tents, tools and spare parts are distributed among the Vespas and the work is done somewhere on the side of the road. And yes: there's actually always some screwing going on...

1997 near the Meteora monastry on the way back from Thessaloniki, Greece

Each of these trips writes its own unforgettable stories and welds the participants from the SIP team together with a new weld. We can only recommend imitation to everyone, all it takes is 1-x good friends, a few days of time, a destination and an old Vespa. The adventure is waiting at your doorstep. In all the gloomy winter weeks, which have not become any brighter due to lockdowns and Corona restrictions, we like to watch the many videos of our SIP road trips and dream ourselves away. Since we can use a little optimism and anticipation right now, we have put together a best-of of the last SIP road trips for you here:


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Ralf Jodl
Ralf Jodl

Ralf is managing director and co-founder of SIP Scootershop. He has been riding Vespa since 1990 and even today the working day starts best for him when he rides to the SIP headquarters in Landsberg on his Rally 200. Otherwise he owns a 180 SS, a 160 GS and a VM2 fenderlight Vespa.