SIP Speedometer/Rev Counter for Vespa T5

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The SIP Speedometer/Rev Counter, a multifunctional device from SIP PERFORMANCE specially designed for Vespa T5 Models, presents itself in the style of traditional analogue instruments. These combined SIP Rev Counters and Speedometers have been revolutionising the market since 2010. They combine functions that were previously only possible with several separate devices in a single, discreetly designed instrument.

Classic look, many functions

The Speedometer T5, designed in the classic style of the coveted Vespa T5 instruments with analogue Rev Counter, offers a temperature measurement in addition to the display of RPM and speed. It has a simple menu navigation that allows you to easily switch between AF and EGT connections. Two discreet Press Buttons, cleverly integrated into the speedometer glass, allow you to switch between different digital displays. A special highlight is the self-test of the Rev Counter, which creates a little Grand Prix atmosphere every time the engine is started. Speed, revs and Fuel Gauge are constantly displayed in analogue form, while the speedometer also has two digital displays on which various additional functions, including speed or revs, can be shown digitally.

Available in two versions

The T5 Rev Counter is available in two versions: a national version that displays speeds in km/h and an international version that supports both km/h and mph to meet the needs of the MPH market. Another useful feature for long distance journeys is the ability to choose between two separate routes with journey times and average speeds - ideal for distinguishing day trips from longer journeys. The total distance can also be set, which makes it easier to transfer kilometre readings from the old speedometer. Another highlight is the Gear Display, which shows the gear currently engaged. This is achieved by matching the rpm and speed travelled to calculate the gear ratio. This function requires initial calibration as there are numerous possible combinations of primary gear ratio, rear wheel size and the individual gears.

The SIP T5 Rev Counter is a top-class instrument that combines the Rev Counter and Speedometer in a design-accurate, original look. Whether for racers, touring riders or urban adventurers, everyone will appreciate the many advantages of this instrument.

SIP Rev Counter in video
Nico (left) and Elvis explain the advantages of the SIP T5 Rev Counter

The features at a glance

  • Analogue speed up to 10,000 rpm

  • Digital speed up to 14,000 rpm

  • As an alternative to analogue speed, now also analogue speed, up to 130 km/h/80 mph depending on model

  • Digital speed up to 199 km/h or 140 mph

  • Maximum speed up to 199 km/h or 140 mph

  • Target distance, e.g. for maintenance interval

  • Odometer adjustable

  • Gear Display teachable

  • Fuel gauge with fill level warning

  • Temperature 0 to 250° or 32°-482° F. for Cylinder Head or water temperature, a temperature sensor for the Spark Plug is included

  • EGT Temperature Gauge with SIP Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensor from 100°-1200° C possible

  • AF display with SIP Lambda Sensor from A 10.0-24.0 possible

  • Maximum temperature

  • Total distance up to 99,999 km/miles

  • Total distance adjustable (old speedometer reading can be transferred)

  • Single distance A and B up to 9,999.9 km/miles

  • Driving time A and B up to 99.59 h

  • Average speed A and B up to 199 km/h or 140 mph

  • DC undervoltage warning

  • Brightness of speedometer illumination adjustable in 5 positions

  • Tank, Indicator, high beam, low beam indicator

Video: SIP T5 Rev Counter

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