SIP Scootershop Vespa & Lambretta Road Trip Dolomites 2022

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Traversing an Alpine pass on a scooter means many things for its rider: indescribable riding fun, breathtakingly beautiful nature, the highlight of every tour, but also a challenge and a certain amount of effort. That's what the SIP Scootershop Roller Tour 2022 was all about: riding passes in the Dolomites, 18 times in just five days.

Riding a yoke or a pass, the way from one valley to the next, is the crowning glory of any tour through the Alps for a two-wheeler rider. The mostly serpentine roads lead through pristine nature up to the mountain ridge with an impressive view over several peaks of the mountains. The many curves, uphill and downhill, offer pure riding pleasure and at the same time present a challenge that is not commonplace.

Tal in Tirol
The destination

For the SIP Scootershop Vespa & Lambretta Road Trip 2022 we decided to go to the Dolomites. Among the many beautiful high mountain regions of the Alps, one of the most exciting landscapes with many pass roads. Here, soft, wide valleys with lush green meadows merge into steeply towering reefs of limestone. Between them, picturesque roads that are the destination of many cyclists and motorcyclists in summer. We have booked a hotel in Selva Gardena, a town in the Val Gardena valley. From there we go on day tours in the surrounding area. This has the advantage that we can leave our luggage at the hotel and explore the most beautiful mountain passes of the Dolomites without long transfers.

As with every tour, we started in front of the SIP Scootershop building in Landsberg am Lech. We are, including four of our friends from France, twelve riders. The first stage leads via Garmisch and the "old Brenner Pass" to Alto Adige. There we visit our friend and supplier Erich "Egig" Oberpertinger. After a tour of his company and a refreshing drink, he accompanies us to our domicile for the coming week. The hotel staff welcomes us very friendly. Even more, they are enthusiastic about the old Vespa and Lambretta scooters. Not only are we allowed to stay next to the entrance, we are even asked not to drive the scooters behind the house into the car park. Directly to the left and right of the carpet for the main entrance the owner finds ideal.

Traumhafte Kulisse
Riding in front of a dreamlike backdrop

The next morning, as on the following three days, we set off on day trips of 150 to 300 km. Always on high alpine terrain. Curves, passes, metres in altitude. We ride the "Sella Ronda", to the Three Peaks, Passo Pordoi (2239 m), Passo Sella (2218 m), Passo Giau (2233 m) up to Passo San Pellegrino (1918 m). There are eight different passes that we explore in the Dolomites alone. Some we drive more often because they form the entrance to our valley. Others because they are so much fun. We know the Sella Joch by heart by the end of the week. All the passes on the tour add up to 18 crossings. Some more, some less spectacular. At lunchtime and in the evening we enjoy local specialities and the view of the unspoilt landscape. After a last drink in the hotel bar, we fall into bed.

After just under a week, we make our way back. One last meal together in the remote Pretzhof in the Pfitschtal. In the middle of the mountains, in the middle of nature. Everything is grown, raised, processed and cooked here themselves. You can taste the passion for the produce. We look back on the week before the final leg of the return journey. It was exhausting, but a lot of fun for everyone. Besides the incredible routes, the friendly hotel staff was a highlight. This year we also had very little to fix. We had to fix loose screws on Vespa engines twice and replace Bowden cables just as often. The only Lambretta in the group had a defective tyre and needed a small touch-up on the front brake. All in all, it was very manageable for twelve old-timers who spent five days looking for curves in the Alps. It can be like this again next year. I can hardly wait!


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Have a good trip!

The participants and their scooters

Alex (180SS)
Henry (180SS)
Jesco (Jet 200)
Otto (GL 150)
Bernd (Sprint)
Jack (PX 200)
Minou (Rally 200)
Ralf (Rally 200)
Dennis (VBA)
Jerome (Modern GTS)
Olli (GS 160)
Salvatore (VBB)

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