SIP Scootershop recommends: the best e-scooters 2023

Created by Dietrich Limper at 15:12 on December 5, 2022

E-scooters have been on German roads since June 2019 and the development is rapid. According to a study by the ADAC in July 2022, one in six Germans older than 16 rides an e-scooter. Rental companies in the big cities certainly play an important role, but 45 percent of users own their own e-scooter. But regardless of whether they are owners or renters, the ADAC survey still showed that for 14 percent of users, driving fun is the top priority. And 60 percent of all drivers emphasise that the environment is important to them. E-scooter owners value permanent availability (19 percent) and low maintenance costs (twelve percent).

And that's where we at SIP Scootershop come in, because we have scooters for every type of use. Whether it's the way to school, the route to the train, off-road fun or the relaxed tour at the weekend - we have the right e-scooter ready for every application. In the following, we present you with our hit list for the coming year of exactly those road-legal scooters that we consider to be the best.

The powerful

E-Scooter EGRET Pro

The predecessor EGRET TEN V4 was already a masterpiece of engineering, but this e-scooter sets new standards once again: with the successor EGRET Pro, you are truly in a good position, because this e-scooter offers a range of 80 kilometres and a fantastic 27 Nm at 950 watts of power. With the EGRET Pro, it's no longer just a matter of riding "the last few metres", but it is ideally suited for beautiful extended tours over land. Even with a payload of 120 kg, the EGRET Pro accelerates quickly uphill to 20 km/h and offers pure riding fun. The 10-inch pneumatic tyres provide pleasant damping, even without shock absorbers. In addition, there are features such as an LED display, 48 V battery, front and rear disc brakes and the connection to the useful EGRET app.

The award-winning

E-Scooter GO!MATE stæp ER1 EVO

Yes, the GO!MATE stæp ER1 looks really cool and has well deserved its awards: the reddot Design Award in 2018 and the German Design Award in 2020. It comes with a 16-inch pneumatic tyre at the front and 12-inch at the rear. It's hard to believe that it still only weighs around 13 kilograms, which is certainly also due to the elegant aluminium frame. No wonder that it still has a range of 35 kilometres with its 350 watt motor. Thanks to the tyres already mentioned, the GO!MATE stæp ER1 gives you a real cruising feeling as you glide over the asphalt or dirt track. An e-scooter for the rider with style! Also ideal for off-road use!

The German

E-Scooter METZ Moover

Why do we call it the "German"? Because the METZ Moover is the first e-scooter to receive the coveted road approval in Germany. Since then, it has been a perennial favourite! It convinces with 12-inch pneumatic tyres, strong disc brakes and extremely stable workmanship. Thanks to a motor that produces 500 watts at its peak, the METZ Moover reaches its top speed of 20 km/h in five seconds. The design of this e-scooter is rounded off by an extra-wide footboard and a clear LCD display. If you want to be agile and stable on the road, the METZ Moover is exactly the right vehicle for you.

The coveted


65 kilometres range and that at this price! The Max G30D II is without question our price-performance winner. This e-scooter owes its range to its 15 Ah battery and intelligent battery management. The tubeless 10-inch pneumatic tyres prevent punctures, but also allow a pleasant ride over uneven terrain. It comes from the factory with LED lights front and rear. The full-colour information display in the centre of the handlebar also adds to the comfort of the Max G30D II. This e-scooter is the ideal beginner's model, but will also delight advanced users.

The casual


The manufacturer from the Ruhr area has already stirred up the scene with its models Emma, Kalle and Paul, and now the TRITTBRETT FRITZ 13.6 expands the colourful family. It can be purchased with a 13.6 or 18 Ah battery and the range is then 45 or 60 kilometres. The 48 V motor offers 500 watts and allows for brisk riding uphill and downhill. The modern LED colour display, drum brakes and shock absorbers (front) make the TRITTBRETT FRITZ 13.6 a very sophisticated e-scooter that also impresses with its attractive price.

The perfect bundle

Back To School 2023

Here we offer either the model Emma (white) or Kalle (black) by TRITTBRETT. Emma comes directly with a safety lock, while Kalle includes the practical gym bag. Both e-scooters have 350 watts of motor power, a maximum range of 35 kilometres and a 36-volt battery. They are therefore made for the way to school and, at 14 kilograms, are easy to transport. The 8.5-inch tubeless pneumatic tyres allow the bike to glide along smoothly. For the start of school, the bundles are an ideal start and an alternative to bus or train tickets.

E-Scooter Tuning with Monorim


At SIP Scootershop, tuning is a top priority, and of course we don't stop at e-scooters. We work closely with the manufacturer Monorim who offers everything to do with e-scooters, from shock absorbers and tyres to conversion kits and motors. So if you want to give your e-scooter a real run for its money, or if you're aiming for a visual quantum leap, you'll be right at the front with products from Monorim. We are constantly expanding our range, so it's worth checking back regularly for new products and offers.

Now it's easy: insurance for your e-scooter

In Germany, you need a so-called foil number plate for your e-scooter in road traffic. It looks like the familiar metal number plate for mopeds, but is slightly smaller and is affixed to the back of the e-scooter. We have a very practical service for you so that you don't have to search the internet or make annoying phone calls: You can order the new foil number plate quickly and conveniently from Gothaer Versicherung via our partner link and it will be delivered directly to your home, postage paid: https: //

And then it's just a matter of sticking on the number plate and off you go. It doesn't get any faster than that!

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