SIP Scootershop Open Day 2023

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Our eyes were on the sky all week and we watched the weather forecasts like bankers watch stock prices. On Thursday the temperatures were still autumnal and on Saturday morning we were still shivering on the scooter. But at around 11 clock the skies cleared and the sun shone over the SIP Scootershop headquarters. Not a second too soon, because it was once again SIP Open Day!

And what can we say? It was a fantastic day spent with friends, guests, suppliers, club members, racers, Sunday drivers, hobbyists and scooter fans. We estimate that around 2,500 people came over the course of the day and we were delighted with everyone and anyone. They came from the north, south, west and east of this republic. They came from Switzerland, Croatia, Austria, Holland, Belgium, France, Bosnia, Belarus and even Israel. They came by car, bicycle, camper van, train, plane as well as Vespa, Lambretta and other two-wheelers.

At the SIP flagship store, the queue at the checkout was almost as long as at the grill and pizza oven. Dozens of horsepower freaks waited patiently with their scooters for the performance test on the test stand. Or they pestered the experts at PINASCO, EGIG PERFORMANCE and NISA with their questions. Cold and hot drinks were provided, an ice cream was always good and DJ Leo Ernst played in 60ies style with real old vinyl plates. The very brave ventured onto the Matscho Karatscho cross-country course and went for a spin on their Vespa. Still others basked in the sun and had lively discussions about petrol. Friends, it was a party and once again it was over far too quickly!

We would like to thank the entire SIP Scootershop and SIPERIA team for their great organisation and tireless insert. We hope that all exhibitors, clubs, manufacturers and dealers will come back next year. And of course we would like to thank all our visitors and hope you will stay with us. We will certainly not forget the SIP Scootershop Open Day 2023 in a hurry.

To give you a small impression, we have collected some votes, taken many photos and shot a SIP TV video. We hope you enjoy it!

Michal & Raaz, Jerusalem, Israel

Michal und Raaz
Michal and Raaz from Israel

These two young men have by far the longest journey behind them, because it's 2,700 kilometres from Jerusalem to Landsberg as the crow flies. We can only respectfully take off our helmet. At home, they have a Vespa PX 200 in operation and are also building a Vespa Sprint. The engine, however, is still missing.

"We also want to buy some parts here and take them with us, because at SIP we find the best parts in the world," says Raaz and of course we gladly accept this compliment. Michal describes the rest of her travel plans for her week in Germany: "We still want to see the Porsche and Mercedes Museum in Stuttgart, but mainly we really came because of the Open Day. We're really excited about everything we get to see and experience here."

We hope the two of them had a good time on the rest of their trip through our republic and would of course be happy to welcome them back next year. Perhaps they will then set off on the long journey with the PX 200 and Sprint. Then they would have a slim 3,800 kilometres to cover. Dig in, boys!

Bojan & Mirjana Cetojevic, Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bojan and Mirjana talking to Sophia from SIP

Bojan: "We came from Banja Luka by plane to Memmingen and from there on to Landsberg. I have been a dealer for Vespa parts for five years and always had problems getting the stuff, also because it is very expensive to send the goods to Bosnia. With SIP Scootershop I finally get everything from one source. We have been planning to visit SIP for two years, but always lacked the time. But today it finally worked out and we plan to visit here regularly (laughs)."

"I don't have a proper shop in Banja Luka, but sell a lot through Instagram. People in Banja Luka know me and know they can buy pieces from me. In 2012 I started the Vespa Club Banja Luka, by the way the first Vespa Club ever in Bosnia. We started with three members and today we have over 30, but they are not always all active. My personal collection consists of twelve Vesps. Among them a Primavera, several 50s, a Vespa 200, of course a GTS and I gave my wife a Vespa as a wedding present. Unfortunately, the roads in Bosnia are like in Africa (laughs) and the Vespa is not made for that."

"We came to the SIP Open Day to meet a friend from the Vespa Club Reutlingen and to meet new people. Also, I would like to buy some parts and talk to my SIP supervisor Zsofia. This year we came alone, but next time we will come with our scooters and bring lots of friends. It's just under a thousand kilometres from Banja Luka to Landsberg and that's no distance for a Vespa rider after all (laughs)."

Volha & Kalev Aleinik, Minsk, Belarus (White Russia)

Alex with Kalev and Volha from Belarus

Volha: "We came by here because we were visiting our son who is studying in Pilsen in the Czech Republic. We also wanted to visit Munich and then Ralf invited us to the Open Day. This is just great because now we can meet many people and marvel at many Vespas."

Kalev: "We have a small Vespa gang in Minsk called "Root Boys" and we maintain the tradition of going on a bigger ride every year. We've been to Italy, Hungary, Croatia, Czech Republic, Austria and many other Vespa meetings in Europe. We have also been here in Landsberg before, but never for the Open Day."

Volha: "At the moment it's very difficult to get across the borders abroad. The queue at the border crossing was huge and we had to wait ten hours before we could finally leave Belarus."

Kalev: "Our gang in Minsk currently has eight members, but we are like a family. The Vespa is not very popular in Belarus, unfortunately, but I love it and also the whole culture associated with it. I ride a Vespa PX Custom and screw around on it all the time. If you want, you can have a look at it on Instagram. It's the one with the two red seats. Getting parts for the Vespa is not easy in Belarus, but luckily we have our friend Ralf at SIP who always helps us."


Uwe, Mario and Kai, 'Vespisti Leipzig'

Three "Vespisti" from Leipzig

Kai: "We are the former 'Schaltpiloten' and have now joined forces with other Vespa fans to form the 'Vespisti Leipzig'. We came by car today, though, because we're going to the football match at FC Bayern against Leipzig with other friends this evening. In the Vespisti we are around 35 active members."

Uwe: "In the East, Vespa doesn't have a big tradition, because we were all Simson riders. We all still have several models at home. But in the meantime, together with my wife, I have four Vespas: two modern 250s, a VNB from 1964 and a Vespa Super from 1966."

Kai: "I ride a FaroBasso and my wife has meanwhile also switched to Vespa. We have never been to the Open Day before and are happy that we stopped by here. It's just the right thing for us. We order all our spare parts from SIP, so we really had to check this out and we're really excited."

Fredi and his Calessino

Fredi, Vespa Club Munich

"I came to the Open Day today with a very special vehicle, namely my Ape Calessino Diesel, of which only 800 were built. My wife was annoyed by the fact that I screwed on my 2CV every day and she asked me if I wouldn't like to buy this Calessino. So I had to do that and I got them very cheap at Lake Constance. It's not easy to get the spare parts today, because Piaggio has stopped supporting it. With a tailwind, the Ape still manages 60 kilometres an hour. But it's always more about the journey itself anyway and I'm in no hurry."

Christian "Tüte" Laufkötter & Uwe Bödicker, Vespa Club of Germany

Uwe & "Tüte" from the VCVD

Christian (Vice): "We have been attending the Open Day for several years and it is great fun every year. SIP is one of our most important partners and we are very happy to have you on our side. The community cannot exist without the supporters in the scene. As an umbrella organisation, we provide a service to the clubs that we couldn't do without you. I have built up a friendly relationship with Ralf and Alex over the years and we feel very much at home here at Open Day. The connection within the scene still has meaning and is still lived by you. That is simply beautiful. Through events like the Open Day, Vespa fans become aware of what's going on in the club. Today alone, I've already spoken to three or four groups here who are interested in starting a club."

Uwe (President): "I have been here several times and have been able to take the factory tour with the boss himself. We just enjoy the day here and are happy to celebrate with SIP. We always enjoy coming back."

Fatty and his fleet
Wine and engines: Egig in his element

Florian "Specki" Speckhardt, drummer with "In Extremo" and Vespa rider, Berlin

"For me, the SIP Open Day is the opportunity to visit my home and meet many friends. But I'm also here because I want to sell my Vespas and mopeds: a Motovespa Sprint 150 with a 200cc PX engine, nicely tuned, rides great and is a beautiful object. Actually, I don't want to give the scooter away, but I live in Berlin and don't have enough time at the moment."

"The second bike is a 50cc from 1976, and then there are two Ciao mopeds with 50cc. There are already interested parties and I expect my phone to be running hot in the next few days. Some of the SIP staff are simply my oldest friends and occasionally visit me in Berlin. The day today was very, very nice and the Vespa scene is super organised. I think you could easily party here for another five days and people wouldn't run out of things to talk about. I wish everyone a good trip!"

Erich "Egig" Oberpertinger, Klausen, South Tyrol

"This is my second time from exhibitor at the SIP Open Day and it is at least as good as last year. The weather is excellent, the atmosphere is great - it couldn't be better. I really have to manage my time so that I can talk to everyone here. Even with the production at home, I have to weigh up what I can do. There can be half a year's wait. With a 250cc engine, it can also take up to a year. And then I also have to shoot videos with the Elvis from SIP (laughs). And the best thing this year is that I'm not going back to South Tyrol tonight, but can celebrate in a relaxed way with the people from SIP. It's going to be a convivial round."

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