SIP Crew & Friends at Stockach Scooter Race 2017

Created by Jesco at 11:06 on June 9, 2017

Legends live longer. This not only applies to people who have gained an immortal reputation for special achievements, it sometimes also applies to scooter meetings. One such legendary meeting is the Pfingstrun in Stockach. Actually declared dead every year, it is now 24 years old and still enjoys enormous popularity.

Hot vehicle

For anyone interested in Vespa and Lambretta tuning, there is only one direction to Lake Constance at Whitsun. For almost a quarter of a century, the Lakescooters have been holding their meeting with Quarter Mile races. Traditionally, this is also the first round of the German Tin Scooter Championship of the new season.

This year Whitsun was late in the year, which promised good weather in the Lake Constance region. A combination that is actually a guarantee for high visitor numbers, and high visitor numbers in Stockach means: much bigger than any other meeting in Germany. This is partly due to the fact that locals from the surrounding villages also make their way to the site at the Eschenbühlhütte for the evening event.

At the SIP stand

Unfortunately, the weather forecast for the first evening was not very friendly. Heavy rain and thunderstorms were forecast. Saturday was therefore unfortunately not as well attended as usual. From about 9 Clock onwards, it rained for hours on end. This did not dampen the mood on the dance floor. The party was a bit smaller than usual, but as good as usual.

On Sunday, unfortunately, there was a rain shower in the morning, which luckily ended early enough for the track to dry out before the start of the races.

Just in time to open the stage for another legend. The Italian rider Stefano Scauri also belongs to the more experienced semesters and shows that this does not have to be a disadvantage. The legend in the business of sprint racing was the special surprise guest this weekend. Gerhart Zsiga had invited him to participate in the heats with his scooter. A very spectacular mix, as the scooter he lent was certainly one of the 3-4 strongest in the German scene. A VespaSmallframe with a DEA Cylinder and 55HP. Stefano Scauri is not only a bit smaller and lighter than most German riders, he is also a really extremely good and experienced pilot.

Scooters at the start

This team was also part of the duel of the day. Stefano Scauri and Christoph Cramer, the fastest rider at the DBM last year, faced each other in the final of two classes. Christoph Cramer, on a PK with a 250cc Rotax Cylinder and 60 hp, was able to demand everything from the Italian star guest and give the spectators a very gripping show. In both classes, both had to race against each other three times to determine a winner. While Cramer was able to win class 1, Scauri, who was getting more and more used to the foreign scooter, won class 4. This made it clear that the spectacle between the two would go into a third round on this day. At the very end, the "Best of All" class winner was decided. Now Scauri could finally put on the crown of the fastest of the day and took the title for himself.

Award ceremony

The show they put on was unique. After 200m, they crossed the finish line at top speeds of over 140 km/h. They needed only 7.4 seconds to cover this distance. They only needed 7.4 seconds to cover this distance.

Unfortunately, the race was also overshadowed by an accident. TrulsHerland crashed at about 150m, his scooter burst into flames and had to be extinguished by the fire brigade. We wish Truls a speedy recovery and hope he gets back on his feet soon.

Back at the campsite, the evening was quieter than the afternoon but no less entertaining. The Lakescooters had booked Moskovskaya, an SKA band from Upper Swabia. The space in front of the stage and the whole area in front of the Eschenbühlhütte were very well filled. In any case, a crowd worthy of a legend. A good end to an even better weekend.

Evening atmosphere

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