Sexiest Workshops: Ruhrpott Racing Team

Created by Dietrich Limper at 20:10 on October 22, 2023

Another episode from our popular series "Sexiest Vespa Workshops". Jesco and his team travel to the edge of the Ruhr district to Marl. The town of just under 85,000 inhabitants is located south of the A52 and northwest of Recklinghausen. Marl gained national fame not only because of the witch burnings in the 16th century, but it was here that the Grimme Prize was created and awarded for the first time in 1964 - still one of the most prestigious awards for TV programmes in this republic. Once a year, the A, B and C celebrities of German entertainment gather in Marl.

Vespa GS 160
Beautiful: Vespa GS 160
Rally 200
Wonderful: Vespa Rally 200

The GS 160 and the weirdo from Landsberg

Far more interesting, however, is a small hall that nestles between the main cemetery, funeral parlour and garden centre. This is where the "Ruhrpott Racing Team" (RPRT) has found its home, and six men and their dog form the welcoming committee for Jesco. Our rolling reporter shakes hands with Tzigkas, Mirko, Masch, Holger, workshop owner Andreas and the last remaining active DBM racer Tossi.

After D-Promi Jesco has tried to set off a firework of humour about carrier pigeons and Schalke 04, together with Tossi he then prefers to turn to topics he knows something about. In the well-equipped workshop of the RPRT, he marvels at two Lambretta Super Lui engines that Tossi is working on. But his heart really swells when his eyes fall on a beautiful white Vespa GS 160. A project by Mirko, who immediately rushes over and explains what he has conjured up here together with "a weirdo from Landsberg" (I wonder who that is?). Mirko's fleet also includes a blue Rally 200 from 1977, which he is restoring after a minor accident. Last but not least, the interested visitor learns that a Golden Special can also be blue.

Lambretta engines
Lambretta Super Lui engines
Test bench
The "home-made" test stand

Old School Tuning

Another highlight is the RPRT's self-built test bench. Here, Tossi's DBM Racing project is waiting for a run-through. With its 166cc Malossi cast iron cylinder, it's an old-school scooter that commands Jesco's respect: "Know-how instead of high tech!" The Vespa does well with 34 hp and afterwards the experts discuss what else can be got out of it. The visit to the friendly group from Marl and the surrounding area ends with a beer together.

And why does every Schalke player get a bike before the season? So that he can learn to climb the ladder. Sorry, no offence.

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Sexiest Workshops „Ruhrpott Racing Team“
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