Sexiest Workshops: Rimini Lambretta

Created by Dietrich Limper at 16:12 on December 2, 2022

In this episode of our popular series about the "Sexiest Workshops" on the planet, Jesco and his camera team get to visit a shop that, in this case, can truly be said to be legendary. The journey takes them to the Italian Adriatic coast, specifically to the capital of the province of the same name: Rimini. Here Micky and Marco run the "Rimini Lambretta Centre" with ten employees. A Mecca for lovers of Innocenti scooters. They build custom Lambrettas, produce high-quality restorations and race scooters. They trade in parts, design their own high-end products under the name "Casa Performance" and work closely with the well-known dealer "Casa Lambretta". In short: you can't get more Lambretta than that. Accordingly, Jesco enters the hallowed halls in awe and can't get out of his amazement.


Many will now ask: "Micky and Marco? And what about Dean?" Of course Jesco knows that Dean was the founder and for many years the mastermind behind Rimini Lambretta, but for a while now he has retired. Why he did that and how he is doing today, you will also find out in this video, because Jesco met Dean and asked him about it. As you can see, we're doing some hard-hitting investigative journalism here.

One more beautiful than the other - Lambrettas in Rimini

Beautiful Lambrettas and a daring ride out

But then the visitor from Landsberg is taken on a tour of the showroom and the old hand occasionally finds his eyes watering. One Lambretta is more beautiful than the next, and Micky and Marco can tell some exciting stories about it. Individual parts are admired and explained, the Lambretta experts give us an insight into their world.

But the real highlight is a very special Lambretta that Micky built with his team. We don't want to give too much away and just say: water-cooled, two cylinders. Jesco goes into an almost ecstatic rapture and everything that happens next is something you simply have to see. The quiet Sunday in Rimini is haunted by an engine noise the likes of which the world has never heard. And finally Jesco himself becomes a stunt driver and has a revival experience. The sensational engine can of course already be pre-ordered from us and will probably be under the Christmas tree by Christmas 2023.

Enough talk: Watch this extraordinary video about an extraordinary Sexy Workshop and its extraordinary operators. How does Jesco keep saying it? "Crazy!" Nothing to add to that.

With best thanks to our friends, customers and business partners Micky and Marco from Rimini Lambretta.

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Sexiest Workshops: Rimini Lambretta
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