Sexiest Workshops: "Heilig's Blechle" in Berlin

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The last stop on their journey through Berlin leads Jesco & team to the East, where the professional workshop "Heilig's Blechle" is hidden behind a less than attractive façade. For Jesco, it is a very special visit on his tour for the "Sexiest Vespa Workshops", as he has been working here for many years. The welcome by old acquaintance and owner Alex, who offers an all-round service for Vespas, Lambrettas and other scooters, is correspondingly warm.

Alex (right) and Jesco in the reception area

The boss of the house is a trained coachbuilder and opened his workshop elsewhere in the capital in 2006. At that time, he mainly offered sheet metal work on cars, and scooters were only a side business. However, when two other workshops left the scene in 2009, he took over the material from one and the staff from the other. Since 2010, Alex has specialised in scooters and offers the full range of services, from replacing clutch cables to full restorations.

More than sheet metal

On a tour, it quickly becomes apparent that work at "Heilig's Blechle" is done with heart and expertise. The workshops are perfectly equipped. Owner Alex and mechanic Frank show various projects in different states. And while the logs crackle in the Bullerjan stove, even two absolute rarities from the USA and Spain can be admired. "I bought a Vespa V50 Special when I was 18 and I still ride it today," Alex reports, and the love for the cult vehicles from Italy can be seen everywhere here. The tour of the factory leads through the dirt room to the smallest Lambretta warehouse in the world to the so-called "winter storage", where customers are allowed to park their two-wheelers for the annual hibernation.

Pretty in Pink

If you want to know why Alex always has the TÜV in his house and why Jesco couldn't make the journey home to Bavaria in a 1965 Chrysler "New Yorker", you should definitely watch the video. It is with a heavy heart that we turn our backs on the capital and thank our customer Alex and his team for the insight into the "Heilig's Blechle".

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Sexiest Vespa Workshops „Heilig’s Blechle“
Dietrich Limper
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