Sexiest Workshops: EGIG Performance

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This visit in the frame of our series "Sexiest Workshops" was actually long overdue! It's just over 230 kilometres from Landsberg to Klausen (Chiusa) in South Tyrol, Italy. The route leads through wonderful landscapes, perfect for a ride on a scooter. But Jesco only manages the last few metres on a Vespa (without a Helmet!) before entering the legendary halls of the "legendary Vespa tuner" (Jesco's own words) Erich "Egig" Oberpertinger: EGIG Performance. It's not really Jesco's first visit to Egig, but it is his first visit to the new workshop. And it's a sight to behold.

EGIG Performance
A look at the test bench
EGIG Performance
Part of the vehicle fleet

A passion for the Smallframe

Egig has been riding Vespas since he was twelve or 13 years old. Not always legally, but all within the statute of limitations. A few years later, Egig was also active on the racing scene and took to the 400 metre track on a Falc bullet, winning the race even without second gear. "That was the foundation for everything else," recalls the trained chef. "I was fully infected and started with it Curly exhaust systems which were hardly available on the market."

In the years that followed, Egig continued to push the boundaries and was particularly fond of the Smallframe Vespa. "The first blatant Engine was a Falc with just under 50 hp and I was ridiculed a lot with that. But then I won the dyno test with a five-hp advantage and that gave me a boost. I realised that I could do something even without a clue."

The rest is history. Today, Egig has a clue and mainly builds "normal" Engines for everyone and only pursues his "crazy projects" on the side. But it's best to let Egig tell you all about it himself and give you a tour of his new workshop and production hall. He hasn't worked as a chef since 2018, but what he does at EGIG Performance for smallframe Vespas is a feast for gourmets. Touring engines at their finest.

The young, enterprising man from South Tyrol is on a roll.

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Sexiest Workshops „EGIG Performance“
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