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In this episode of our popular "Sexiest Workshops" series, Jesco gets to visit a very special man and his scooters. Just outside Milan, Vittorio Tessera has not only launched CASA LAMBRETTA, but also a Lambretta museum that is unique in the world for the diversity and historical depth of its exhibits. Jesco gets an exclusive guidance from Vittorio Tessera himself, gets to look behind the scenes and marvel at projects in the development stage. In the video, he takes us all on a journey through time to style icons of another era.

Mr. Lambretta

1979: Vittorio's first workshop

When sixteen-year-old Vittorio Tessera bought his first Lambretta, a passion ignited in his heart that he affectionately christened "Lambrettismo". Three years later, in 1980, the foundation of CASA LAMBRETTA saw the light of day and Vittorio set up his very first workshop. The Lambretta was neither widespread nor highly regarded at the time. Collectors preferred to turn their eyes to the MotoGuzzi, Bianchi and Gilera brands. But Vittorio Tessera was not discouraged. He founded the "Club Amici del vecchio Scooter" (Club of Friends of Old Scooters), which gained 28 members in an astonishingly short time.

Vittorio devoted the following decade and a half to the careful restoration of scooters. in 1989 he breathed a breath of fresh air into the "Lambretta Club Italia" and in 1996 he began publishing the "Lambretta Magazine" again. Through his courageous work, he established contacts with the Innocenti family, the creators of the Lambretta. They gave him their historical archives, prototypes and film material. Spurred on by this rich heritage, Vittorio Tessera began writing books. Today, eleven of his works, all of which focus on the Lambretta, are already on the market.

His next ambitious project was to open a museum. Today, 175 vehicles can be admired there, including rare specimens, racing prototypes and series models. Each of them is a testament to his tireless passion and dedication to the Lambretta.

CASA LAMBRETTA yesterday and today

In 1996 Vittorio Tessera took his passionate commitment to the Lambretta brand to a new level. He expanded his CASA LAMBRETTA brand to make Lambretta products available all over the world. The market for Lambretta parts was in a state of wild disarray at the time, with prices fluctuating wildly and being unpredictable. But Vittorio had a vision. He published a price list, a kind of beacon in the midst of the storm, which offered customers a fixed point of reference and helped to stabilise the spare parts market.

Vittorio not only built a distribution network, but also shaped it. In a very short time, he worked with more than 40 partners all over the world. Today, the CASA LAMBRETTA catalogue, which contains an impressive 400 pages of everything the Lambretta heart desires, is respectfully referred to as the "Lambretta Bible".


In the midst of all his activities, Vittorio Tessera's interest in motorsport developed a new flame. Together with the Rimini Lambretta Center, he founded the CASA PERFORMANCE brand, a supplier of high-tech products for fine-tuning racing machines. With these specially developed parts, the Rimini Lambretta Center team was able to achieve remarkable victories in Europe. Jesco had the privilege of taking a peek into these hallowed halls of racing innovation a few months ago.

Today, CASA LAMBRETTA is home not only to Vittorio and his wife Orietta, but also to three accomplished mechanics responsible for restoration and product development. Vittorio Tessera has managed to realise his lifelong dream and has made a significant mark on the Lambretta brand over the past decades. His tireless insert and the commitment of his team have meant that these scooters remain highly prized by collectors and fans worldwide.

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