Sexiest Vespa Workshops: "Spielzimmer" Hamburg

Created by Dietrich Limper at 10:10 on October 20, 2022

Hamburg calling! Jesco and team only had to make a small detour on their tour through the north of the republic to get from their last stop in Bispingen to the nearby Hanseatic city. After the obligatory fish sandwich at the Landungsbrücken, a visit to "Spielzimmer Eimsbusch" was on the agenda. Another highlight in our series "Sexiest Vespa Workshops", because in “Spielzimmer” (playroom) things are built that are second to none. "This is where the biggest and most difficult creations of custom scooters in the scene are made," says Jesco, knocking on the doors of the custom temple.

Is Marek already thinking about the next project?

Going underground

He is welcomed by Marek, who invites him to sit on the original Chesterfield sofa and first explains the basics: for about eight years, six scooter maniacs have been making "nonsense out of metal" here, as they describe it themselves. And since space is at a premium in Hamburg, these activities take place in an 80 sqm "big" basement. So in the "Spielzimmer" they literally work from underground, but it's not about commercial interests here, it's a hobby. Marek clarifies: "My motivation is the custom shows and I admit that outright. People say I'm horny for trophies and I can't deny that either. But I just get a kick out of building something." The awards on the shelves testify to the recognition of his work.

Soon Sven, Hendrik and "mascot" Simon join them and it gets crowded on the couch. Marek's girlfriend contributed the name "Spielzimmer". Sven adds: "And we definitely wanted to have something that didn't sound English, but classically German." We think: Mission accomplished.

Big ideas are implemented here

Boredom, toilet doors and a Zabel motor

Enough talk, on to the scooters with which "Spielzimmer" has made a name for itself in recent years. We start with what Jesco calls "one of the most beautiful custom scooters in Germany". Lambretta in the front, Kawasaki GPS 500 S in the back. The paintwork is based on the NASCAR series from the United States. And since it is impossible to describe this projectile in words, we refer you to the video linked below. You simply have to see the scooters that Jesco is allowed to admire. A Vespa "Gayden" in Aston Martin look, with BFA engine and 57 hp "out of the box", tempting to infantile jokes. Sven's "Skate Or Die" Vespa GS 3, in "pub toilet door" design. Beer supplier and hangaround Norman presents what you can make out of a PX 80, and provides a convincing explanation for many a detail: "I was bored and had an 8 bit drill." And finally, Marek shows off his Russian Vjatka, which is still in the rough stages but promises 700 cc and 89 hp from a Zabel engine. Holy Moly! The builder will one day put the vehicle on the test bench at SIP Scootershop.

As a parting shot, a pair of CR7 pants also takes centre stage, but you should see all this for yourselves. We would like to thank "Spielzimmer" for the extremely entertaining hospitality and impressive custom jobs.

We wish "Spielzimmer" all the best as a customer and customizer par excellence! Rock on, guys!

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Video: Visiting "Spielzimmer" in Hamburg

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Spielzimmer Hamburg - Vespa & Lambretta Werkstatt
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