Sexiest Vespa Workshops: SIP Scootershop

Created by Dietrich Limper at 09:08 on August 14, 2022

A visit to ourselves!

Having already been to Braunschweig, Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Falkenberg and Pfaffenhofen in our series, in this episode we decided on a very close Sexy Vespa Workshop: we visit - tata! - ourselves. Yes, that's right, we take a tour of SIP Scootershop in Landsberg.

A visibly relaxed Jesco, who didn't have to endure any travel hardship this time, begins his exploration in the flagship store, where Moritz explains to him what a modern retail concept is over an espresso from the attached Italian bar called "Siperia". For the shop has been remodelled and employee Sandra shows where helmets, protective clothing, T-shirts and much more can be found.

Blick in den Flagshipstore
Der Flagshipstore: Klares Konzept und übersichtlich sortiert

Impressed, Jesco strolls a few steps further and lets Olli teach him the secrets of technical advice and customer service at the shop counter. All 50,000 items that can be ordered online can be bought here directly on site. And Olli, Fabian and Nico know each product personally and know what is needed for "lamp down Vespa", Smallframe, Lambretta or Modern Vespa.

Back outside the door, Jesco nonchalantly greets two tourists who have just come from a scooter tour through Tuscany and are making their obligatory stop at SIP Scootershop. What a happy coincidence, but that's what we're always happy about: spontaneous visits from scooter riders from all over the world.

Then you can experience the life cycle of a product in fast forward: from invention in product management to delivery to the end customer. A visit to the in-house performance test bench leads over to the relaxed part at the monthly "Aperitivo", where Jesco usually gets into top form.

We hope you enjoy the video and a short trip through the SIP Scootershop.

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See you soon!

Sexiest Vespa Workshop Video: SIP Scootershop

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Sexiest Vespa Workshop: SIP Scootershop

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