Ralf and Uwe from the "Taunusvespen" on the road to the 10th anniversary of Vespafreunde Straubing!

Created by Stephan Hufschmid at 08:10 on October 22, 2019

I (Ralf) have enjoyed my friendship with Vespafreunde Straubing for many years.

That's why I didn't miss the opportunity to ride the 400 kilometres with my friend Uwe to the 10th anniversary of Vespafreunde Straubing.

We set off early in the morning in fine weather from the Taunus to the Gäuboden in Mitterfels. The single-digit temperatures couldn't stop us. Everything was dry as far as Nuremberg, but then the big rain came. We rode the last 180 kilometres in rain gear to the district youth campsite in Mittelfels.

The Vespa friends from Straubing gave us a friendly welcome with a handshake, so the journey to Straubing was worthwhile for that reason alone.

As usual, the people of Straubing took excellent care of our physical well-being. There was coffee, cake and even a barbecue trolley with chicken and schnitzel. First of all, we fortified ourselves with a wide selection of homemade cakes and pies.

After a rainy morning, the weather app was right. It turned out to be dry and the 60-kilometre-long Corso planned for 14.00 Clock started at 14.45 Clock.

It was led by a Vespa PK 50S, which was later to change hands as the main prize in the raffle. Almost 50 Vespas rattled through the Gäuboden and along the Danube. After a cosy hour and a half, everyone arrived back in Mitterfels in good spirits and accident-free. We talked petrol and cultivated friendships. A solo entertainer provided singing and fun with his guitar.

The first highlight came in the late afternoon: thanks to great sponsor support from SIP, the scooter shop in Mallersdorf and the Vespa Store in Landshut, the Straubing team was able to raffle off many small and large prizes, including the Vespa PK 50S, which had previously led the Corso!

We also received some raffle tickets with the purchase of vouchers and were full of excitement.

Many prizes changed hands and then the main prize was drawn.

The ticket number for the main prize was read out and nobody came forward.

A murmur went through the participants and a new ticket was drawn.

And it turned out as it had to. My Vespa mate Uwe looked at me and said "That's your number!"

I jumped forwards to collect my main prize with a big grin and thunderous applause!

In the evening, the band "Die Tazmanischen Teufel" played and really got the party started. There was a lot of laughter, dancing and partying. So a great event came to an end.

We won't forget this day in a hurry. Not just because of the Vespa we won. Because we are always happy to be guests at the Vespafreunde Straubing!

Two weeks later, I collected the prize from Tom (the first chairman of Vespafreunde Straubing) in glorious sunshine with a car trailer.

Ralf and Uwe from the Taunus Vespas are looking forward to seeing you again soon!

Stephan Hufschmid
Stephan Hufschmid

Stephan Hufschmid has been part of SIP Scootershop since 2001. As sales manager, he is responsible for the strategic orientation of our sales channels. In addition, he is in charge of parts of the quality and complaint management as well as the MALOSSI Germany brand management. His passion are Vespa smallframe models. But also nostalgic "plastic bombers" like ZIP, NRG or Aerox are not necessarily unpopular models with him. His current vehicle is a Vespa GTS 300, of course with Malossi engine upgrade and SIP styling parts: Performance & Style.